Scaffolding not being taken down, beds & doors not being placed

So I recently started playing a lot again. I tried making an apartment type thing today, and all was going smoothly until the workers just gave up. They left the scaffolding on the building, forgot the doors and 7/8 beds, and just sat around. I tested them by making another building and they instantly went to work. I dont know what the problem could be, but this has only happened on this two story building, also happening to be my first two story building, so many that has something to do with it. Please help me out! :smiley:
(I’ve read some other things about the whole scaffolding thing, and it seems that this happened back in alpha 15 and 16. I haven’t seen any recently on this)

Steps to reproduce:
In my case, make a two story building and this will probably happen.

Version Number and Mods in use:
A21, No mods.

Usually when this happens, something is preventing the hearthlings from completing the building. Either they ran out of materials, or there is somewhere they cannot reach to place a block or remove a piece of the scaffolding.

But the cause can sometimes be very hard to find.


Ok, thank you!
I’ll go check to see if there is a spot where they cant reach. One worker got stuck on a block on the roof and almost starved but other workers built her out. This building doesn’t like me!

I still can’t find the problem, but I did find some weird stuff. There is part of a ladder going through the roof, and there is rotting carrots and an oak log stuck on scaffolding that is inside the building. I don’t know how to fix this.

I’ve found myself in this situation a couple of times. I’ll not lie, sometimes I’ve just accepted defeat and demolished the building and started from scratch.

Yet probably the overwhelming majority of the time I can normally convince them to sort their shit out. That rogue block up on the scaffolding, get a ladder next to it. Perhaps it’s the key element for further building and they can’t seem to work out how to get up there. Perhaps where it is, is just stopping building. Hearthlings are forever getting stuck for me either while mining or building (I do tend to do quite compact builds mind), however with a bit of prodding and nudging they can - finally - work out what to do or get to that area they need to.

So, in short, while I’m saying it’s not always guaranteed, and perhaps it’s not intuitive to the AI you can (generally) get it sorted by some shenanigans.