[Ack] - workers getting stuck behind scaffolding

this is more of a mechanic bug that AI bug.

under the right circumstances a worker will be on the inside of a house as the scaffolding in front of the door is put up if they are inside as it gets to the high of 2 blocks in front of the doorway they will be unable to leave the house until the scaffolding is removed. as far as I can tell they AI is working fine since they started helping to remove the scaffold after it was done being used.

this happened with fixed AI in R34


thanks for the report! I believe this has been logged earlier (if not here then on stonehearthguru)…

Thanks, we’re aware of the issue, but think it’s hilarious. We’ll fix it, but not yet. :smile:


at least balance the confinements equally among male and female units… :tongue:

marking this one acknowledged…

Yup. Had this happen to me on this release and prior to this release. The difference between them is that once the scaffolding was removed, they went back to work just fine on the current version.

I have found a bug where multiple workers building houses will lead to some workers becoming stuck within the walls of the house, as if it’s been built on top of them. Nothing I can do seems to get them unstuck. I have only encountered this problem with the most recent update (Alpha r41).

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You’ll be glad to hear it’s acknowledged and will be fixed as soon as the team have stopped enjoying the desperation on our workers faces.

I thought he meant like

(He became stuck for a long while but eventually he unstuck. I couldn’t do anything to help him, though). They sometimes even fall asleep there:

Thanks for letting me know about my post move, but I don’t think it’s quite the same problem. I’ve had the scaffolding thing as well, but with this one it’s the actual walls of the house, and they aren’t getting stuck behind them, they’re getting stuck inside them. I’ll see if I can find a screenshot…

Ah I see!

So similar to what @Relyss posted?

Get a screenshot if possible just to confirm and then I’ll move things back!

When building, if you have any NPCs inside the building and the final wall goes up, they will be trapped until scaffolding comes down.
How to replicate: Place a table with chairs inside the building being built. When they go for food, if the workers finish the walls, those guys are trapped.
Continuation of issue: Once you start to break the scaffolding around the building, if there are any items to be placed inside the house still, workers will stop go get it, climb over the part where the door scaffolding is now only halfway removed, place the item and suddenly is stuck. They can climb over the half scaffolding to get in, but not out.
Possible fix maybe: If there is a way to make it so that any NPCs be able to clip through scaffolding from the inside, and not the outside? So like, the wall is clippable only from the inside.

This has been an issue ever since scaffolding was implemented TBH. Ought to be some existing topics about it somewhere :slight_smile: .

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indeed there is… merged! :smile:

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While a house was in progress all the citizens went inside to eat. The door was blocked by scaffolding, so no one can get out of the house and no one is outside of the house to finish. So i’m going to have to restart I guess. Make it so the workers can move through the scaffolding, it would make this problem obsolete. Thank you.

how did that happen? well is it possible to build a ladder on the inside to get out or no wood on the inside?

hi @undeadhunter101 … are you playing the most recent unstable Steam build?

Yes, I updated the game yesterday. The update made me restart and then all of them got stuck.

I put a table and chairs inside the house, when they went to eat they all went inside the house and sat down. Now they are stuck inside…Starving.

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Hmm, the scaffolding is now supposed to be walkable, so this doesn’t happen anymore. It could be another AI bug, though. Can you reproduce regularly?

This is a screenshot of what happened. I haven’t tried to reproduce but it could be possible.

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