Hearthlings Won't Remove Scaffolding

Summary: After building a building, I’m left with irremovable scaffolding. I’m fairly certain this one is my own doing, due to a unique attempt at a building. During this build, there was an exceptionally large amount of scaffolding and I’m not entirely sure why.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Find a nice cliff.
  2. Build a split level house on the cliff. The Foundation floor should run right next to the cliff face. Outline the top of the wall and extend over the upper ground, using a slab undernearth the floor to keep it looking pretty.
  3. Attempt to build.

Expected Results: The building would be finished with no scaffolding.

Actual Results: Lots of leftover scaffolding. Also they wouldn’t place the door, for some reason.

Notes: I’m not sure if this is caused by the layout of the building, or the fact it was so close to another building. In the third screenshot, it appears some ladders were build inside the wall of that building.

I was really hopeful that this building would work, since it felt like such a cool idea :frowning:

Attachments: Images of the building.

Version Number and Mods in use: 0.21.0 (develop 3349) no mods.

System Information:
AMD 8350 CPU
RX 480 GPU
Windows 10

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Update: Found this thread: 2 story building bug

Related, I removed the building that had ladders in it, and built ladders so the hearthlings could remove the stuck ladders. After they removed those ladders, they finished the building without further issue.