2 story building bug

when i build a 2 story premade building a bug i see often is that the hearthling will place down ladders and then not destroy them and fail to place any items supposed to be placed
Steps to reproduce:

Expected Results:
what you’d expect to happen is that they would destroy the ladders and the scaffolding or whatever it’s called and then place items down
Actual Results:
However instead it would stop working and the hearthling would move on to the next objective


Version Number and Mods in use:

System Information:

Steps to reproduce:
1.when you have gotten to township with your hearthling you will get teir 2 buildings

  1. chose a 2 story building (i generally find this problem in the blacksmiths house)

3.the hearthling will build it properly till the and and leave behind anything they used to scale walls and/or build up

Usually a problem that occurs is that your hearthlings have one piece of scaffolding they cannot reach, which completely halts construction and seems to prevent them from doing anything else to the building.

I would suggest taking a careful look and see if there is any pieces of scaffold they cant reach, and try placing a ladder manually to give them access. If they all run towards the building once it’s place you’ll know you fixed the issue.

Otherwise, if you could provide a screenshot or save file i’m sure somebody would check it out and find the issue for you.

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the problem was solved thanks for the help

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I’m sorry, weekends I work a lot and i’ve been since since yesterday. It looks like theres a piece of scaffolding on the fence that cant be reached. But seems you found it already. :slight_smile: Sorry i couldn’t help sooner.