Stop Building, two story building

Hearthlings stop working on second floor. This also occurs with buildings that have a slab as their bottom floor instead of a foundation, same occurs with foundation and slab on bottom floor.

looks like release 453 from screenshot.

Does this happen if you place the building as a template or only if you build it custom?

I had a similar issue when i paused building and then edited my template building, did you pause and edit it?

To be clear you filled the space above the foundation and inside the walls with blocks?

it seams likely the hearthlings couldn’t access a block to build it so they cannot complete floor 1 and move to floor 2

I apologize, I should have put the release number.

I didn’t tamper with the template, and it was custom.
In both situations, I placed the slab, then the walls which fixed themselves around the outside of the slab, instead of on top of it.

In the picture given I used only foundation on the ground level.

I tried replicating what you did with what i have installed (develop-2609)

  1. slab
  2. walls
  3. floors
  4. roof

build went OK. (but i had no windows or doors)

i have never had an issue with foundation instead of slab(its cool though because they wont have to dig out the ground for slab).

Are you using slabs between levels (roof/floor) instead of floor?

note: walls are always build around/outside foundation or walls.

I’m highlighting the floors for between levels in my screenshot

Can you take a screenshot of the other side of the tower?

Have fun, Kyth.

me? no the save is gone as of new version, why did you want one?

No, actually I was asking @yetihead90 for a screenshot to check wether the hearthlings could reach the top of the tower or not. Because that could be the reason they had stopped building. Fron this point of view they cannot. I should have mentioned his name. My bad.

Have Fun, Kyth.

Sorry, I overwrote the save. I probably should be more proactive with the bug reporting process. I’ll work on that. I haven’t been able to recreate the issue, so it most likely was something I did wrong.

That may have been the issue, using a floor tile instead of a slab for the ground level. I’ll try to recreate it if I can.

Seeing no updates in last month, going to mark as resolved. Please reply to this thread if this error reappears.