Second Level Floor

Hello Stonehearth’s Team,

First of all - Grate Game so far! Following since the first released information! Really like it (several hours of Gameplay already^^)

But I’ve a “major” bug at the moment.

Everytime when I remove a Slab or anything in the Builder tool, I can no longer build anything in my Savegame.
Everything I set into the Building/World via the Tool, gets directly removed.
This makes it impossible for me to Setup any kind of House with several Floors, as there are some corrections needs to be made here and there… but I cannot correct something without the deletion thingy.

Any suggestions what this can be? Might it be something with my usage of the tool?
Where I can recreate this is with the Slabs, I use them to setup Stairs, remove one of the Blocks and can no longer set new Slab Blocks, Floors, Walls. But I still can place Items like Doors etc.


Hello Tobias!

Where I may not be developer of this game in any shape or form, I too have experienced your plight. My such instance revolves around a “Watch Tower” that I had decided to build at a Goblin Encampment that kept reappearing in the same spot (To prevent anymore of the Goblin Menace!). Since placing this item in development, using in this order: Floor Tool > Wall Tool > Floor Tool > Wall Tool > Floor Tool, then in each of the four corners I placed a center Wall Segment that reaches either left or right (To give it that pillar look since for the life of me, Slab never works.) Then on top of those wall segments, I did the exact same thing > Roof.

Immediately after telling my little Hearthlings to build this structure, I get a notification “Game Engine Failure”… With some odd 5,900 following reports and growing. I think nothing of it, I’ve seen it before. I go to save annnnnnd, game freezes. Can no longer click the menu buttons, or anything of the like. had to Ctrl-Alt-Delete my way out of the situation. My poor village… All I wanted to do was give them a watch tower for their safety, not destroy them in their entirety!

Your’s truly,

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