Two-story building, ground floor furniture ignored

Hello everyone!

First post on these forums and I’m hoping you guys can provide me with some help.
I’ve decided to give the building designer another spin in an effort to create a large inn-like structure: dinning facility on the ground floor, beds on the first floor with possible expansion to a second floor.

My current issue with the building I created is: the furniture on the ground floor is not being placed. I am looking at a bursting stockpile of appropriate (none-fine) furniture that should be placeable but it’s just there and my hearthlings are lounging at the fire-pit without any other tasks. They did place the first floor beds (the first floor being reachable by ladder through a hole in the ground).

I know, obviously, the game is in alpha so there are bugs and kinks to work out but I’m curious whether I’m doing something wrong here or whether I/we should notify the devs of this.
The building template can be found here on dropbox

If anyone would like to try and replicate my situation and post their findings (the ladder to reach the first floor isn’t present as I cannot save that part, but you will find a hole in the ground of the first floor where you can place it).

Any help is appreciated, thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Just attempted to replicate it, and my hearthlings built it just fine. Was anything else going on during the build process? Did enemies attack? Did you order a mining project? If any other task happened during the build process, it could have screwed up the Hearthlings’ AI and confused them, so they no longer see the building as a necessary task.


I was playing on peacefull (using that as a designer mode of sorts) so no attacks, I didn’t have any mining going on, had all the material required.
I decided to try and add things post build, like drapes, which where added to both floors no problem.
Removing the old build command for the furniture and just placing the crafted stuff there manually does solve the problem of it not being built (preffer not to do it manually but if that’s what it takes, then that’s what it takes).
Tomorrow I’ll try some fresh saves with enough material and furniture to build it off the bat and I won’t start to build untill it only needs assemblage to see what happens, I’m guessing it might be the AI in this case, those poor hearthlings, I’m working them to the bone I guess. :frowning:

Thanks for your help though! :slight_smile:

Pfft, Hearthlings are tough little creatures, and they decide whenever they want to stop working. Tis why I never let them have feasts or parties, they’re always daydreaming!


After using a fresh peacefull game I have crafted all the requirements to build the building, however upon placement of the blueprint, the furniture on the bottom floor is not transparant as I’d expect it to be, it is not listed as a requirement on the building plan either, BUT the furniture also isn’t actually there.
I’ll provide some screenshots next with a short description, relating to the above.
Screenshot #1 and Screenshot #2
In #1 You can see the tables and chairs up close, looking very non-transparant (looking very “placed there”).
In #2 You can see the building requirements, the windows, the doors, etc. But not the downstairs furniture, also note how the furniture is visible through the walls whereas the beds on the first floor are not (peek through the window to catch a glimpse of the bed).

I feel I should add I am not running what is known as the lastest build in the properties -> BETA menu. I am on alpha 10.5

My next step will be to delete the local version of the building, download it from dropbox myself, reintroduce it and try to build it again.

Downloading the building and replacing the old file did not help. I did rebuild the building in a different order just now which seemed to work. The first version I built the floor with furniture before moving on to the next floor, this time I built the building first (before actually building it) and then I placed the furniture inside, followed by saving the design. Now it seems to work fine.

It would seem that this issue is affecting simple single story buildings as well. For example I design a house with 9 beds, they build the house, place about 4 beds and simply refuse to place the other beds. Removing the ghost and placing it manually (like you would have to place picket fences, that option) doesn’t help either, neither does saving-reloading, saving-restarting, changing to the latest/unstable build. I’ll try a reinstallation, if that doesn’t work I’ll give up for now and just wait for the next update.

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That is very strange. Hm… when you place the building again, use the ib command on the console, see if it spawns in the ground floor furniture as well.

Using the ib command seems to spawn everything as I would have expected it to be built (tested for all custom buildings I created).
I suppose it’s not a fair way to get it done in the normal game but atleast I can finish the buildings now after they get stuck in development limbo.
Thanks :smile:

No problem, hopefully this issue will be resolved so cheating isn’t the easiest workaround.

On a side note: Other custom buildings? Like what? owo

Mostly other versions of large inns, trying to find a nice design that works (this one is obviously the starter one due to low quality beds and little extra furnishings), and one I call Fancy Stone House with everything from comfy beds to flower pots and curtains.

Cool, when you finish them, maybe you can upload they’re images and .json files.