Builders stop building

I built a custom building. It’s one that has served me well through other versions of the alpha. But today I started with that building and it sits there incomplete. The needed furniture is right there in the stockpile but no one ever puts it where it’s supposed to go. I even had the carpenter make more of the things that are needed, but they just sit there.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start new game
  2. Plant blueprint
  3. Watch it never complete

I’m expecting the builders to place all the furniture and complete the house.

They get most of the way through then just sit around the campfire. Quitting and restarting the game does not help.

Attachment 1 - Everything is in the blueprint and ready to be placed.
Attachment 2 - Stuff to be placed is in the stockpile
Attachment 3 - Everyone’s just sittin’ around the fire…

Alpha 0.22.5 build 763, Steam install

Core i5, nVidia graphics, 16gb RAM


Yes I know there is a ladder in the way of placing the bed, but that shouldn’t stop the hearthlings from placing the other items. Also, I know I am in cutaway view, but the house is complete as far as actually building it. They just won’t take down the ladders and scaffolding. Don’t know why.

Same thing happened with a new game. First house built fine, second one they stop doing anything at sundown and just huddle around the fire, not placing the rest of the furniture.

From the screenshots it looks like the hearthlings cannot reach a certain building point and so will not continue until they can. Perhaps you are too close to that cliff and the ladders cannot be built or maybe removed.

If you post a save file someone may be able to see exactly where the building process stopped. :slight_smile:

I see the problem. Build a ladder from their level to the hill behind the building. I’ve had this a few times.

But the same thing happens in a completely different game on flat ground. The building is done, it’s the furniture that never gets placed.

It’s pretty easy to fix, still. Just like what Golden said, you have to find out what point they stopped building and make a ladder up to that spot or something.