Stonehearth crashes if I erase building floors....bug?

Like i said, i was trying Alpha 4, which i love by the way so far, very polished for alpha, but i placed a floor down, walls, roof, realized i hadnt got a door, went out of that to drag by carpenter by her buns to her block to craft it, went back into the build menu, found it all disappeared D: oh well, when i tried putting a new building in the same spot, the plan disappeared, thinking the game thought the original plan was still there, I attempted to erase it, only for the game to ragequit and close out completely, any thoughts?

hi @Cannon0006… thanks for the report!

I have to admit, I am a bit confused by what you were attempting to describe… would you be able to list just a few simple steps to reproduce the problem?


sorry, ish way i type i tend to ramble, its simple

  1. begin blueprint of building out of building to go do something else without making villagers build it
  2. return to blueprint, only to discover its vanished
  3. try and replace blueprint, 2nd blueprint disappears as soon as mouse is released and trying to erase the empty space crashes to desktop
  4. write a long, rambling paragrapgh on forums about it
    6.have mr. adamo have you clarify
  5. ???
  6. profit!

obviously i cant place photos as a crash to desktop means the game closes XD but ill pull some technomancy and try

also, while im making a buggy thread of doom:

Logs get left on buildings:

Not a bug really more of an annoyance, but my peeps be hungry cause the berries are at the bottom of a cliff and they cant build or craft a way down yet :confused: also cant get those resources

I have seen logs left on buildings as well (see video, 17:50). I imagine they were left because they were done with them, and they didn’t bring them back to stockpiles because that seems to be a very low priority job for the time being. Building, for example, is clearly higher priority, which I suppose makes sense, but I still will be happy when the day comes that you can enable and disable jobs to be done by your citizens (à la Dwarf Fortress) so that you can have some haulers and some builders, for example… should improve efficiency and decrease the number of times this sort of thing happens.

As for the berries at the bottom of a cliff… that is indeed an issue for the time being, has been in all versions thus far. You can build stairways up with some difficulty using stacked floor plans in the current version (well, you could in the last release before this one, anyway), perhaps it works building them down as well. However, I imagine that before long, the developers will implement a way in which your citizens can traverse these cliffs more sensibly, involving less of a hack and more of a feature. I think there was talk of using something similar to scaffolding currently used in the building process.