Is the construction bug fixed?

This game looks like a lot of fun, but I see something about a construction bug that doesn’t allow you to continue building structures after certain game events happen. Also that you can’t delete these unfinished structures. If this bug is fixed I will definitely purchase the game. Thanks!

Not really. Thing is, it’s not really just one bug in the sense that there’s some code hidden somewhere responsible for the building woes that just hasn’t been found yet. It’s more like the approach to building AI just hasn’t catched up completely to every possible structure we players build.
That being said, building did improve tremendously over the course of the last couple of alphas. It’s still not perfect, though, but they’re working actively on improving it further. Sometimes there’s an Alpha where there’s indeed one bug, preventing buildings that could be built before from being completed, but those get sorted out really quickly.
As for the destruction, the latest Alpha introduced better deconstruction meaning the finished or unfinished building blows up, you get some resources back and the whole in the terrain even gets fixed automatically. Really nice, especially for streets and such.
In short: If you just want to play without any problems whatsoever, I recommend you still wait a bit. Then again there hasn’t been a better time to start with Stonehearth, imo. If it’s your kinda thing, then go for it. The community is really, really great, too.


Awesome! Thanks for the reply. I understand it’s an Alpha so there will be bugs, but the one I described seemed pretty game-breaking. I’m going to give it a shot.


Nice. I hope you won’t regret you decision. :slight_smile: If you do in fact encounter problems with building, there’s this thread where you can post the corresponding templates in order to help the devs fix things and improve the algorithm. Maybe there are some known workarounds alread, in which case chances are good someone will step in and help you.


Sounds great! Thank you.