Building Fails to Complete; Can't Delete or Remove

My building won’t finish or remove. Plotted it out, told it to complete, then when I was finished, they didn’t respond to it at all. Now I have the ghost building sitting around the village as I try to build, but nothing works, as if I click the green button, it… goes back to nothing happened, if I say remove the building, nothing happens. Still, the walls highlight while in building mode, the roof; all the pieces show, as if they were present, but nothing responds to any orders.

Can’t edit that building as it stands, either. Trying to build anything results in nothing happening; the new lines and fields, for roads or walls or what-have-you, don’t show up at all. Saving and reloading did nothing.

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Can you send a picture of your building? What version of the game are you playing?

Stonehearth 0.10.0(alpha_10_5 10) x64. As for the image, the forum wouldn’t let me upload one. Let me try again.

Still no dice on the image. Any other way I can deliver it?

I am having the same issue in another game. I also cant post screen shots yet.

I have three buildings that wont complete. Same version of the game.

Post them on another service and add the link here, or send them directly to Thanks!

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Sent the email. I did make the mistake of deleting that save; should have kept it around for reference.


for future reference, feel free to upload to something like, and one of the moderators can embed the image for you (until you’ve been on the forum long enough to perform the task yourself)… :+1:


So my building is almost complete, only the roof is missing. Ressources are sufficiently available. The building contains a large amount of decorations inside, but since ladders and scuffolding are outside that should be no problem. Saving and reloading didn’t fix this. Version: alpha_10_5, x64. Peaceful mode. Hadn’t the problem with other buildings so far.

I would include a screenshot, but it’s all black.