2019 Nov - Building not complete, still an issue?


I’ve just starting playing and i can see posts back to 2016 that building is buggy? It it really an issue still?

How can I tell what is “missing” to complete a building … aka were should i place ladders to help them reach what? ( i have three buildings of 5 that are stuck and no space or resource issues that i can find.

I will attached my save game…

Thank you.

Arg … new users can’t upload :frowning:

you can come take a look over here (can place pics there for instance)

might get you help quicker atm (development of the game has ended except for modding (see project ACE) and ofc other mods.
that said, usually everything, even stupidly big things are buildable.
the most common things of them stopping building is either them running out of the right materials, or something blocking the placement of blocks (ceiling in the way, you accidentally placing blocks inside the floor etc.)

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So i have been able to build all of the buildings … No real help from the forums …

A) Most of the buildings were missing items.
B) All of the items were accessible already.
C) I sold some of the items for $$$ and the crafters never built more :frowning:
D) Items missing are “Gostly” (like beds or chairs) or “RED” (like windows)

Hope this helps somone else whom is new too the game…

yeah its often a good idea to build buildings without the items in them, and put items in later. also makes everything build much faster. then again, little help can be given if people dont post pictures :confused: its why i refer them to the discord, basically all stonehearth related activity is there nowadays. not here.