(Not) building buildings and not removing buildings

By now I’ve got almost 30 hours in Stonehearth and I really try to love it again and again. But everytime it is the same problem. I know, it’s EA, but still. For buildings to get finished properly you have to sacrifice goats and dance around a fire. This time I even limited myself to just building template buildings.

The first building went surprisingly fine. The second one was missing two windows. Now I had this weird situation where a Large Urn wouldn’t get placed and I had to built a new one, that would be put on the old ones place instead. Buildings additional windows fixed one of the two windows. The second window doesn’t get finished, the ladder still stands there. I tried everything.
(So I had to remove one image cause as first-time poster I apparently can’t put in 2 images in a post…)

The third building is where the fun began anew. Suddenly everybody stops working (seeing that this template was more complex, I even pre-built all needed items), saving, loading doesn’t help. Pausing and resuming the building just leads to removing some scaffoldings. I decide to remove the building. Some more scaffolding gets removed and the option to change anything and that’s it. Sure I could load an old save game, but come on.

I read you would be able to remove buildings now (“Structures that have been completed can now be torn down.”). This doesn’t seem to work on roads.

After like 6 settlements I did in total in this game I just can’t be bothered anymore to try an actual settlement. Seeing the development of the building AI/fixes, the heart of the game, I don’t feel like it will ever work without problems.

There’s not even some basic dev tools to fix the common issues (It’s not like this would do any harm to a singleplayer game). Moving Hearthlings that get stuck somewhere (bugging out in midair), the complete deletion of a building or blocks with a simple selection. I have to try through all the possible solutions for a problem (saving, loading, all kinds of actions, pausing, resuming, building new props, constructing ladders). I even feel like the game should simply cheat at some points when the Hearthlings can’t get stuff “manually” done.

And I’m looking already past all the performance issues. The implementation of containers for items makes the clutter go away, but I don’t think the performance got much better from it. I can just assume that it’s not related to the single items on the screen, but how those get managed in the back-end.

I just felt like I have to write my opinion about the state, before dropping the game again for the next months.

Hey there @Saiodin, welcome to the Discourse!

First, as to the image limit, that is a forum setting designed to help prevent spam. After you become a “Basic User”, you will have all the restrictions listed. You can read more about trust levels here:

As to the building AI issues, the devs are well aware, and are looking for examples of buildings that will not build right now. Check out this thread for @sdee’s post:

As for “basic dev tools” there are actually some great ones in the game already! Of note for buildings, you can open the in-game console (type Ctrl + c), and use a lot of commands. Typing help will give you a list of all built in commands. ib, or “instant build” can be used to complete most buildings. destroy can be used to destroy anything in game, be it a building, object, Hearthling, enemy, etc. reset can be used to deal with stuck Hearthlings, by moving them just enough to get them unstuck most of the time.

If you want even more tools, you can install the debug tools mod from the team’s GitHub. To install, visit the Stonehearth GitHub GitHub - stonehearth/debugtools: Stonehearth Debug Tools Mod, select Download Zip, and save the compressed folder somewhere on your computer. Inside the zip you should find a folder named debugtools-master. Copy that folder to your mods folder, (located by default at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\mods), and rename the folder to debugtools. Let me know if this makes sense. You will know if it is installed if you see the following icons in the top right: . If this does not work, or you want more details on the what you can do with debug tools, let me know!

Edit: Debug tools is included with Stonehearth as of Alpha 19. Simply enable it via the mod manager.

Hope this helps!

Thank you very much!

The “basic dev tools” are a big help and have gotten both my building problems in this settlement fixed. I installed the debug tools mod too and it offers some interesting insight.

It would be great if that information was available in the game, at least regarding the console and the help command. Either in the main menu as a hint or ingame in the ESC menu as a “Help” button that then shows the info you told me about “basic dev tools”. I’m sure this would help a lot of people who get stuck in their progress. Surely there will be people who use “ib” on any building, but in return there would be much less frustration I’m sure.

Thank you again, I’ll continue my settlement now (and check the mod section of the forums)!

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(Just my opinion, not necessarily the devs) I’m not sure having it mentioned in game is a great idea. If you put those tools in too obvious of a place, then users will simply use them and not report issues. When that happens, the devs are limited in what they can improve, as they don’t have examples to work with. The devs have repeatedly stated that uploading building templates that fail to build is very helpful, as they cannot possibly think of every crazy design we come up with.

Regardless, I am going to mention this to the dev team, and see if they have any differing opinions. Thanks!