My blacksmith not working and my worker stop building

im using stonehearth alpha v016 develop
They still pick stuff up but they dont build or work


Hi @Random_Bunny_Gurll,
I have this bug to, but i am using a Development Build of Alpha 17, In that build is that bug to!
I hope that they are gonna fix it soon!

This is what i was building

Sorry @Random_Bunny_Gurll But i can not see the image?

Okay, maybe you dont have the recourses anymore if thats not the thing i think it is a to big building but if you play a game like this than its need to get build but, it is a Alpha game so you can get much of bugs!
You can use Insta Build in the console!
If you dont know how to say it!

i check and my Resource is good enough to make 2 like that but the hard part is that they dont even build ladder so some new villager stuck outside the wall

Wow, so your guys are litterly building Nothing?

yep they just mine and pick up stuff i was having so much fun :sob:

Yeah i have that to, finally a good world and more, and than they are not building anymore :sob:
But it is a Alpha game so you can not expect much of a Alpha game i think.
You can maybe Insta Build the ladder but if they are building anything its not helping everything.

this game is so good but the bug is killing it i cant do anything now but wait for a new ver and hope the bug it fix

Yes your true! I love the game to but the bugs are killing it!

This is what happens to me. Once I correct the misplaced roofs and start building. Half way through the process, they just give up.