Unable to place floors, and not able to build up walls on the second floor

I dont know if this bug has already been posted, but I decided to play some stonehearth today after awhile, and it was going good until i tried building up walls on the second floor of a building I was making. After i tried i got a error, and after that I couldnt even put new floors down somewhere else, I exited and restarted up the game, but that didnt help it kept doing the same thing, Before

And after


Ohhh ****! ANd i have thinked i have killed it with my translation xDDD interesting after some little changes it doenst came anymore … try to make an clear reinstall xD delete via steam go to the steamfolder / common and delete the stonehearthfolder xD

sorry, this flag just showed up… language please… :wink:


^^ that was really fast :wink:

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