Buildings not fully Building

Summary: So when i try to make hearthlings build sometimes they don’t fully complete the buildings.

Version Number and Mods in use: (4.0.0 - Build

I see this a lot too. Be sure to make sure you have these things:
Enough materials to build whatever it is you’re building.
You have manually made all doors and windows you need.
You don’t have multiple possible options for your workers to do - try constructing only one structure at a time.
Don’t build directly on a ledge - especially one which doesn’t have access to the cliff below it (like lots of little cliffs) because scaffolding will likely need to be built there.

And if those are true, try pausing and unpausing the construction - that might jumpstart their little AI brains.


Aa well as manually place ladders I find that when they stop adding a few ladders kicks them in the butt or allows them to go where they couldnt to finish

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Same Here except I have many of the material needed and tried to pause and build a lot. Its really gotten annoying.:expressionless:

There are lots of weird little things that can stop a building from getting built.

Make sure every part of your design is “walkable,” i.e., no areas where workers can get internally trapped, and have staircases etc (this also helps them build it from multiple angles)

Make sure there’s at least one if not two tiles of walkable space all the way around your building (this helps them place the scaffolding)

If they are stuck in a particular place you can often figure out where and build a ladder to that spot.

If you post some screenshots I might be able to figure out the specific issue. It’s often more about the location where you’re building rather than the building itself.