2876: Sectioned 2nd story floor unable to properly build walls

2876: Sectioned 2nd story floor unable to properly build walls

Unable to properly place 2nd story walls do to a ‘sectioned out’ 2nd story floor

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a reasonably large building with a 2nd story floor (Do Not build the 2nd story walls)
  2. Once building is complete enter build ‘mode’ and Pause the Building, selecting the Edit option
  3. Select the Wall Grow tool and attempt to add 2nd story walls to the 2nd story floor

Expected Results:
Expected that even when built in ‘sections’ the end result is a single unified piece allowing for the proper and intended placement of 2nd story walls

Actual Results:
Due to the fact that the intended floor piece is now actually several separate pieces, the Wall Grow tool does not recognize the intended design and only adheres to the idea that the floor is several separate pieces.

I had the same issue with the 1st story floor and solved the problem by building this first, removing the ‘need’ to section out the project.


Version Number and Mods in use:
2876 / None

System Information:

Have you tried putting your cursor over the outer edge of the floor instead of the middle?

Yes, if you look at the 2nd and 3rd linked screenshot you will see the result of attempting to place the cursor on the outer edge. Thanks, I had already read a post stating to give that a shot.