Is this a Floor plan Bug or

Is this a Floor plan Bug or did i just do some thing that i shod not have? As you will see in the screenshots bellow I was trying to make a floor plan with two rooms and one voxel line in between them and then i did the raze wall button and i got an error message. so i tried doing it with two thick line of voxels and it worked. so did i just do some thing that i shod not have done of is it a bug? and i can reproduce it.

UPDATE: they will not complete the building if you say build

Here is what it looks like with two lines of voxels

If it is then happy accident, I love the yellow at night. If it was a little less saturated so you could see the floor pattern better would be awesome

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Yes the yellow is a bit bright to me and it would be cool if you can see the floor plan better.

I feel like it would set the build plans apart rather than being translucent while planning, THEN being translucent while it’s being made or after it’s been planned

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I feel the same :smile:

I don’t know if this is the cause of your problems, but if you have the line in-between one voxel wide, the inner wall from the one room will be in the same place as the inner wall from the other room. You can see the effect of this in your second picture—I think they call this effect Z-fighting? It’s this sort of effect. Also note the video in this topic, at 19:18.

Interesting and good to know!