[Con] [r144]Issues with erase tool while building

  1. The erase tool has z-fighting issues with the floor plan you are trying to erase. One solution would be to make the floor plan invisible for any block that is currently highlighted by the erase tool.

  2. When you place the erase tool next to the floor plan, then all the parts of the floor plan seen through the erase tool are invisible. The parts of the floor plan that are not overlapped by the erase tool should still be visible through the erase tool, although darkened like the ground is.

  3. Lastly, a niggle with the way the tool decides what you are pointing at. As it is set up, the blocks you are selecting are determined by the ground on which it stands. This is great when the erase tool is pointing at an area without a floor plan, but when you point it at a floor plan block, you can’t actually see the ground. Depending on the angle of your camera, it may appear that you are pointing at a spot two or three blocks closer than where the tool actually shows up. The cursor should select the exact floor plan block your cursor is pointing at, whether the side or the top of that block is cloest to the camera.

it’s just a visual bugg combined with a rell bugg. I’ve had this multiple times alreadys ince the building desinger was like that. All you have to do is deselect and reselect the erase tool. It’ll clear out all the odd spots as if they never happened and you can draw and remove again. In case you have a very, very big building you might have to repeat the process a couple of times.

But yeh there’s an easy work around without any consequences :slight_smile:

I think you are talking about a different set of issues to the ones I mentioned. Besides which, having a workaround is not the same as having it working.

nope definately talking about yours man! >.<
It is a known thingy and I never said it to be fixed I just gave you the work-around…
It happens with the drawing tool as well, not only the erase tool.

aye… let’s just tag this one “confirmed”… :smile: