[1665] Floor drawing tools

Trying to build a house, I noticed a small bug:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Draw floors
  2. Select Eraser, click once on empty land (to engage tool, since it doesn’t work straight away)
  3. Click drawing tool once

After this, build window closed, the flooring tool stayed active, and I got this bug:

Just tried in build 1665 but couldn’t reproduce this :confused: .

Do the flooring tools sometimes not activate straight away at least?

I find many of the tools don’t always start active, so yeah. Not sure this is necessarily a bad thing though, especially with the eraser tool and its love of erasing downstairs floors from other structures :stuck_out_tongue: .

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Usually it only occurs when you switch between the eraser tool and the drawing tool, the first occurrence being when you click the eraser for the first time. But keep giving it a try, switching between the two maybe?