Building Tool Breaking

Sometimes the building tool breaks and the script, once it breaks you cant use the tools or anything to do with tools.

Any thoughts?

this is a known issue, i’m sure they’re working on the building tool.

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For me it breaks every time I start playing. In any build. Button “Tools” just don’t work. So I can’t play at all =\

Welcome, @Kuroi_Kaze
Are you loading previous savefiles or starting new games?
Do you have any mods installed?

For me isn’t working either, but the tools are the parts of the house, you have to click on them (starting by drawing a floor, unless you’re using the slab tool or the freestanding wall tool):

Do you have some screenshot of the error? Can you reproduce it?

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Umm… I dont know how to show the evidance of it because it wont really show it…

Well this is what happens. When i try using a tool. Some after use an issue code pops up. When i attempt to use a tool. It wont do it’s job.

So like. Floor wont create floor foundation.

Hi @xX12Dominus12Xx , do you have a screenshot of the popup with the code?

If it has the button “Copy to clipboard” you can click on it and then paste it here. It can be helpful to investigate why is it happening for you.

I think sometimes the tool gets unselected and you have to click again on the tool in order to use it again. But if you’re getting an error there’s definitely something wrong.

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