[Ack] The Eraser does not work with slab (Dev 2176 x64)

Building with slab tool, and can not erase/ delete with the eraser tool. It Does work with the floor tool though.

Steps to reproduce:

1: Build with slab only

2: Erase with eraser tool

Expected result: erase pieces of slab

Actual result: Does not erase and leaves it whole

Note: The eraser too does work with reg floor tool
Note 2: The undo tool breaks here and there also

Edit: Workaround if anyone else has the problem. You can still use the slab too. but to erase, just highlight areas with the floor tool to replace then erase.


Can Confirm,I was bummed :frowning: Couldn’t build my Temple with the sacrificial alter so I have to put it on hold for now.

It was working perfectly in 2148. Ugh, I wish Steam would let you stay on an older but non-stable build. [Radiant, can we please have a last latest build branch or the like if it’s not too much trouble to implement?]

Can confirm. It’s a shame, I almost had a windmill built in vanilla 2148!

soul, u can still erase, just use the slab first then replace with floor too, then erase what u replaced

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Yeah I would but probably by the time I come close to getting it done they will have the fix for it (with the way they are going as of late :slight_smile: ). So I will just wait a bit.

BTW Congrats on the Title (well deserved).

If there’s anything you deserve your title for, it’s that. Thank you!


Thanks @coasterspaul

thanks for the report and confirmations folks… [tagged]

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This has now carried over to Dev build 2193 x64

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Boo! but I love my Eraser :frowning: We had some good time together! I mean it was a rocky relationship at times but we over came those difficult times. (sigh) why does it have to be so fickle :stuck_out_tongue:


I cannot get the eraser to work at all. I click on items to delete in a building design and it won’t do so. Same with click and dragging to get rid of floors. Honestly the whole custom design building mode has numerous bugs.

I think we need more visual feedback when using the eraser tool. I never know if it’s even registering or not.

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Erasing slabs got broken as fallout of the fact that slabs and floors use the same tool and we added a check for floor but not slab. Fixed on my machine.


It turns out this is quite difficult! Design question for you all: if you’ve got floor, and then a bunch of slabs on top of it, and then a wall on top of the slabs with a hanging on it, and you click on the eraser and drag out a square that encompasses everything, what should happen?

Ideally it should erase, even though the wall should fall lol. As of right now you can not erase slabs, you have to draw the slab then go over with floor tool, that you want to erase too make it work

Edit: I misunderstood this. It should only erase slab and floor, leaving walls. But I would make it where you can erase sections of walls or pieces of it. And if you went over the whole thing, it’s like removing what you did erasing all.

I kind of miss back in Alpha 6, when the floor tool, the slab tool, and eraser tool were all capable of making 3-d boxes. Erasing a box still feels more intuitive than erasing several layers on top of each other one by one, as we have now.

Still, I agree with @micheal_handy76_mh that we should have one eraser tool for slabs/floors, and one for walls. You could take this even further and make a seperate eraser for slabs and floors, maybe even roofs and decorations. Then each tab could have its own erase button.


It would also be nice if the whole selection was then outlined or filled with a color so we know the selection registered. Similar to when you select the zone tool and see everything hi-lited. OR, perhaps, the selection tool changes to a green check mark to let you know you have selected a thing. Right now, just having the red X makes me feel like something’s wrong.