Slab tool Broke (Dev 2176 x64)

Okay it was working then this happened. Slab too does not want to work at all.

Steps to reproduce:

1: Go to Build menu.

2: Click on slab tool

Expected result: Slab a floor or design

Actual result: You get this error.

my resolve was to manually select the slab ^^ after this i hasnt get the error again - so no screenshot from me :wink:

i think the automatically selector has a problem (namechange?)

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Yeah i saw it wiese2007 i removed my comment before anyone saw ot but to late i guess



Dedimm - im on vaction so nothing misses me :wink: but i think i should go now in the bed (2am here xD)

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lol just mentioned that tom has this bug on the livestream also xD