My creations with Slabs / Currently - A slab town!

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I posted something major minus the hearthling mansion remake (being worked on but I need to do it in smaller portions)

So I decided it was time to see what and how far I could get using slabs! So far I have a little farm made out of slabs! :smile:

Where the gates are is the animal pen (or would be if I could place sheep pens on roads :stuck_out_tongue: )

Seeing as I’m not doing much during the weekend I got the entire weekend to play around with this town! So I’ll keep this thread updated with its progress!


ooh! i really like this little town, it kinda has a “cutesy” look to it :blush:

also, i like the way you placed it on the edge of the map, it gives the town a… different feel :smile:


Wow, very cool! :smile:

I agree with @8BitCrab, very cute! I especially love that lampost. Keep it up!


Thanks for all your kind words so far!

Today I’m going to be posting the last update on this Till Saturday / Sunday when hopefully I’ll have this town complete, So here’s a little tease!

I love the way the lighting looks, It looks so amazing :smile:

Now to just find a way umm around this issue…

Hope you all like! It’s coming along amazing :smile:


How did you get those arches in the walls? I think it looks very nice!

Thank you :wink:

I drew all these buildings up with the slab tool, You can pretty much build or create anything with the slab tool :smile:

Slab tool? Sorry for the probably very dumb question but where do you find that?

its the same as second floors, or the 3 blocks that are sitting like a staircase, in the building editor. it used to be called the slab tool until recently.

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hmm… odd. I figured that’s how you did it, but whenever i create anything using the slab tool my workers refuse to build it. In fact Most of my buildings slab or not have a 50% chance that it will be finished…

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This is what I call the slab tool (and always will :angry:)

With the slab tool it functions in highs, Some times if it’s strange draw ups or something similar you will need to assist your hearthings with ladders. If you notice a building with a lower build point than the rest of the structure try placing a ladder, It fixes things for me 80% of the time.

Hope that helped :wink:


Thank you so much! They finally will build something with slabs!
Now i have to figure out why they wont build normal buildings :pensive:


if slabs are present (other then second floors) they sometimes wont build it, a workaround is to add them after the buildings completion.

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Yes I’m starting to understand that a bit more, but when i say normal buildings i mean the type that my hearthlings didn’t build the door to, they didn’t have slabs, just walls windows doors and a roof.

i did understand, just thought i would point out that if even a single slab is present hearthlings wont build it.

so, have you tried just placing one of the already existing blueprints? (tiny house, shared sleeping quarters, etc)

and, are they doing other things like mining, chopping trees, etc

You did craft the doors and windows? If not they won’t be able to place them.

Also do they remove the scaffolding or is it remaining placed?

Yes I crafted the windows and doors before hand. They placed all the windows but they didn’t even leave a space for the door, and the Scaffolding remained there. Unfortunately, I cant access the file anymore to test what might be going on there or give more details. Here is the post so you can see what I’m talking about. The building in this post is a good example to what happens to most of my buildings. Just a few minutes I reinstalled my game thinking that because it was happening so often i didn’t install correctly

Ill try that right now.At the time, my hearthlings were mining, but I hadn’t told them to chop trees in days so i cant answer the trees part.

I figured out why one of my buildings did not get constructed. I was attempting to make a flat roof house and my hearthlings stopped construction all of a sudden, it was because i did not choose a direction for the roof to be facing. If you choose 1 direction they will made a flat roof with a little flap on one side that doesn’t
really look that good :confused:

ell thats probably why, as mining and building are of the same priority if im not mistaken, and gathering is their lowest priority.

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This seems to be the wrong place to be talking about this, on a side note i think you should be a level 2 Support Crab.

was just thinking the same thing :laughing:

[quote=“Kolom, post:19, topic:12911”]
on a side note i think you should be a level 2 Support Crab.
[/quote]well thank you, @SteveAdamo, your thoughts on this :wink:

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