A test gameplay that somehow evolved into a wip town

This is probably the largest town that i have built up until now. It all startet out as a “let’s see what this new alpha can build” sorta game and then i decided to start building a wall around the houses i had designed. I’m not sure if i am going to finish this one (it’s about 30% done i guess) but i still wanted to share what i have managed come up whit with you. I guess i am quite happy with how the whole thing turned out so far, except for maybe my decision to make the upper floors of the town houses “wooden” instead of going with the white walls.


Do you have templates for your houses? They look amazing :heart:

Sure, let me upload some of the easier ones.

First the original town house that became the archetyp for every other house so far. Yeah just rename the txt file to the template type .json :confused:

town house no. 6.txt (125.6 KB)

My hearthlings didn’t have any trouble building this one with maybe one exception. Take a look at this picture here.

I’ve placed the template next to an already existing house in my town. It was possible for hearthlings in Alpha 16 to build the scaffolding in such a way that they would leave some under the stairs. once the stairs had been finished, my hearthlings were unable to get to them and thus unable to remove them. Take my advice and edit the first row of stairs (highlighted red in this screenshot) out, let them build the house and then simply place them again as a new “building” inside in the color Tobacco Brown. Everything else should work just fine.

Next one is the Carpenter Home No.1

carpenter home no.1.txt (137.9 KB)

You will have to place the rest of the roof above the outdoor workspace by yourself. My hearthlings always had trouble building the build engine roof and the smaller one at the same time. Let them build the template and then add the roof by yourself. My other houses are all a bit more difficult to build. The Tavern for example took 5 steps in Alpha 16 :dizzy_face:


You can share your templates on SHbuilds :wink:
Oh. Overlooked it. You already did.


Thought i could add another template from my town. This time it’s the one with the blue little “tower” like extension on the roof. I used it as a town herbalist.

The template represents the more refined version of this building. I’ve raised the tower a little bit and moved a few of the windows around.

The walled in, green spot in front of the house could be used as a small herbal garden or just a nice small garden if you decide to just use it as a small town house.

Just like before i left the first part of the stairs out to avoid any blocked, and thus irremovable, scaffolding. In order for your hearthlings to get to the upper floor in the little tower you will have to place a ladder by yourself on the wooden pillar (the one with the blue dots on it in the picture). As before you will have to add the roof by yourself once the house has been built. I’m not sure if it’ll work in Alpha 17 in one go or not, haven’t tried it yet. :sweat:

Anyway, enjoy.

town herbalist no.1.txt (114.9 KB)


Sir… I love u for that post.

Your town looks AWESOME so far. You have really nice style of building… Big thumbs up! :3

I love your building designs :slight_smile: I am horribly un-creative but you did inspire me to make my first decent two story house. :slight_smile:

Ended up using it for my weaver’s workshop and home. Could have made it a bit bigger though, it’s a bit cramped up top lol


This is giving me inspiration to stick with a town… I suppose one per build is a good system to use.

Really like that carpenter’s house

Thanks for all the positive feedback. :blush:

Here is yet another house i came up with a while ago. I used it as a home for my blacksmith. I deleted the original templated a while ago because something about the building kept on bugging me. Don’t know what it was though. :confused:

The hearthlings should be able to build the stairs. It worked in Alpha 16 so i guess it should work now. Since i deleted the original template i had to copy paste this building from an older save game.

Just like with the buildings before you will have to add the exterior roof by yourself once the initial template is complete. I also recommend removing the first part of the stairs to avoid any blocked scaffolding.

town blacksmith no.1.txt (165.3 KB)

And special thanks to Avairian. I am glad that my humble houses have inspired you to try more advanced designs on your own. Oh and btw, i don’t think your house looks cramped, i’d call it cozy. :wink: