Town of Diradien

Hi all,

After couple of games (during all the Alphas, from 1-20) of just focusing on beating the campaign and surviving hard mode. I tried myself to focus more on building now. Through out the forum i see wonderfull design from other players and that motivated me to give it a go.
The “hard” part was to combination of keeping the town alive and building te whole construction.

For the game i choose RC and played on normal mode.
The plan was to first get a sturdy small village so i get a daily fresh worker, to finish the building faster.
And after couple of houres i m quite enjoy the result :slight_smile:

This was the orginal image i used

I tried it to copy ingame. Small personal villa for the lord of the dessert.

After i finished it. I thought by myself what if i wanna build it again on a other map. Would be great that i wont have to put piece by piece to make a huge tower (and that really suckt after the third tower)
But the thing is that i forgot to make templates of my building :frowning:
beside that set back i really m glad of the finishing product :slight_smile:

PS: Also a small word to the families of three workers who died during the building process. The roofs of the towers will be there graves for ever…


I think you should be able to select the building still and maybe save it as a template, but I’m not sure.

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Good work, really!

I like the way you exploited the colours of the palette.
I’m myself used to build some original stuff but never tried to put any shade of blue/orange/yellow.

Anyway, as @coasterspaul said, you should be able to save your templates by accessing the Building Designer tool and clicking on the building you want to save. There will be a button on the bottom left of your screen. But the problem is, if you “merged” all the parts of your villa together (with roads, foundations or any slab block), the game will probably deem it’s one building and save it as an unique body. Which might cause some issue to place your template on a new area. If you manage to do so, you should be able to isolate every single part of your villa (such as towers) by deleting what i would call the “junction blocks”, and saving again the concerned part.
Sorry if my explanation is unclear, tried my best. :slight_smile:

Furthermore, since it seems you’ve build the whole thing with your Hearthlings, could you eventually post some screenshots of the villa with the third view option (when only the bottom parts of the walls are displayed)? I’m interrested to see if you’ve been through the same issues with the blocks being displayed quite randomly. I created a thread (here) some days ago to review this issue and it’d be interresting to have your own feedback.

Regarding your dead fellows, it is still common when building big stuff as your villa that the Hearthlings get stuck. To prevent this you can either build a ladder to help them out, or use the console (CTRL+C) with commands such as “teleport”. Not sure if you’ve played it totally role-play or if you didn’t know about this tool. I don’t mean to toggle you into the dark side. :innocent:

Have fun and keep going!


I ll try that!
thnks for the tip!

Edit: its possible to save it afterwards :slight_smile:

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Thank you for all the information.

I never used the building designer tool.
And after thinking about it. When i probably wanna use it again i would like to modify it anyway.
Like now there a pieces and corners that i would like to edit.
Or like the roofs, they where very hard to make because of the shape. I used different “tactics” to make to round.
And still not sure which was the best one or had the best result :slight_smile:
Your explanation is very clear, but i think if anyone want this as a template i would jsut give my save game :wink:
I like the designing and building more then just place a template and wait to let it be build.

Here is the third view option.
I think i have the same issue with the random blocks. (i have to admit some pieces are done with IB but thats becaus the workers sometimes just stopped working on that piece.
Its to bad that you cant do the second view option with the costume made buildings. Becaus i placed furniture in the rooms but i cant see them now :slight_smile:

And i thought the fact that some workers died becaus of the building was no issue. Like you said its more then just building. The role playing and keeping your village safe is also a huge fun factor.
Little note, the ladders wouldnt helped. Becaus the workers where in the roofs, with no exits. Locked themself from the inside.