Building views and display problems


So i’ve been building a massive drawbridge recently and encountered some problems related to the game’s display options.

I’ve made a video out of it that you can find here below (i recommend watching it to understand what we’re talking about) :

First let’s talk about the minimal issue that is Hearthlings getting stuck.

During the construction three Hearthlings got stuck in top of blocks and couldn’t get down. I got to manually add a ladder to not let them die (i did cut the scenes from the time-lapse video because of camera moves).

What is this problem related to? Pathfing? A.I. dysfunction? I guess you folks already know about this problem and could give some answers.

Now i’d like to talk about the primary issue which is about the display options of the building.

Here are some pictures to illustrate what i am talking about:

As you can see, the blocks are really weirdly displayed after the standard build process.

It looks like the game is not displaying the blocks according to the building’s structure but depending how the blocks were placed.
Indeed, this problem didn’t occur when using the instantly build “ib” command in the console.

It seems to be also the case if you’re not extremely rigorous with the building designer.

Thereafter are two pictures of some slabs under a roof edge:

Spot the difference?
In the first picture, the slabs have been added from the top of the wall, instantly connected to the roof blocks.
In the second one, the slabs have been added from the bottom, and were connected to the roof only after the second block was placed.

Now as you can see, they are not displayed the same with the “cut” vision.
It is pretty much the same problem as before.

So, to sum up, the way things are displayed is pretty much random, unless you create your stuff with a perfect rigor and then use the instantly build command.

How could we possibly improve this?

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I have encountered this problem too. I think it is related to the splitting of foundations, floors and free block structures in smaller parts that happens during the “planning” phase of the building process. The hearthlings build these parts as different structures. When the building is finished these divisions stay, as you can see if you hover the mouse over the building with the build or stockpile panels open. Each of these parts has a new base block that now appears when you lower the walls of the house. These new blocks unfortunately hamper the view of the interior of the house.
The only solution I have seen so far is to insta-build your structures before the splitting takes place and hope for the building process to be reviewed one day and make those divisions created for building purposes be kept to a minimum or dissapear after the building of the house is finished. (@not_owen_wilson please, hear my pray)

Have fun, Kyth.

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My thoughts exactly! Good to know i didn’t miss the point.

Thank you for your feedback.

I’m sure the dev team will take care of this sooner or later. :wink:

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