[A14/A15] The buildings my hearthling will not build Thread

Since sdee did post this in different threads and myself posting a savegame in one of those threads, I thought about opening a thread to stuff (maybe) all those savegames in one single thread. (did i write thread?)

Here is my first house and savegame


Thanks to everyone who has posted his buildings that will not be build.

If you have skip the main site:


Hey everyone,

Stephanie is currently enjoying the last of her well-earned vacation, so I (Chris) am here to fill in for
Desktop Tuesday this week with some updates on what I’ve been doing.

One of the things I’ve been looking at recently is fixing our building system. Right now, it’s really easy
to design a building that will cause your hearthlings to throw up their little hands and shout “nope” at the top of their lungs (which, come to think of it, would be a pretty cool little effect to see in the game).
There’s even a mega-thread we set up in the discourse where you can upload links to your unbuildable building templates.

The good news is that many of these buildings now build (on my computer, anyway :))
There’s still lots of work left to do until we have something that’s both user-friendly and powerful, but Alpha 15 should be much much better for all the aspiring architects out there playing Stonehearth.

Everyone helps to make this game better, soooo keep on posting buildings, even after Alpha 15 is released :wink:


Hi. I’m using this thread instead of starting a new one. I am running into a situation where hearthlings won’t build a building I designed. I have the materials so I do not know what is causing it.

Here is the video of the issue:

And here is the game save:

Thanks for looking into it.


I redid the building and they started to build this time but only the first floor and then a half and then they stop building. I think it has something to do with either the cuts in the floor or the fact I’m building it next to a cliff. Here is a video of me trying to get it to work.

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Cliff walls can cause issues with lack of scaffolding clearance on the ground IIRC. Give it ~5 spaces away from the cliff face or try building it in an open area.

EDIT: I tried building a simple 4-story tower, 12x12 floors with 2x6 holes allowing access to staggered slabs as staircases. The Hearthlings wouldn’t even start building it.



It would be nice to use towers as ways to get up and down cliffs though. I guess I could build further away and use a bridge.

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This was true, but with the current version of the game, the hearthlings should build scaffolding inside the building if they don’t have room for scaffolding outside the building. May be buggy for 2-story buildings though.


Here an other house

7ziparchiv.7z.zip (2.6 MB)
I had to use 7zip to zip it, I just added .zip to it, to be able to upload it.

Alpha 2594

this is a little fort which will not be build :frowning:
and here is the template and save game
wachfestung_template.zip (5.5 KB)


Here is a bigger castle.

burg_template.zip (28.7 KB)

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@sdee, @albert …are you still looking for templates that cannot be built?


I think they do. You can not do anything wrong with posting them.

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Posted this one about a week ago: Structure Build Order Prohibits Completion

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Structure Build Order Prohibits Completion

I did this with a prefab design, but I’m pretty sure it will happen with any building, under the right conditions. The reader’s digest of the problem is, when the right conditions are met, buildings cannot be completed without modifications to the surrounding terrain in order to enable Hearthlings to access impossible-to-reach places.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Find a cliff face that is low enough to fit under the roof overhang of your building design, but high enough to block at least one wall. This is possible to find without terrain modification, using the variable heights of the naturally-occurring cliff faces.
2) Place the building flush up against the cliff face with no block space in between. The roof will hang over.
3) Inside the structure, place furnishings flush up against the wall which has been positioned against the cliff face.
4) Have at least some of these furnishings on hand, and hearthlings available to place them, before initiating structure construction.
5) Observe the furnishings being placed such that they block Hearthling’s ability to build the structure between the furnishing and the cliff face.
6) Hearthlings will complete as much of the structure as possible before ignoring it. To complete the build, it is necessary to remove 1 block deep of cliff face terrain behind the structure so that Hearthlings can place the blocked portions behind the furnishings.

Please note: If you do not have the furnishings on hand when construction begins, you may not be able to replicate. Indeed, the same building, placed in the same way, immediately to the right in the screenshots below completed fine, because I had not yet begun maintaining a reserve of beds.

Expected Results:
Hearthlings would observe a build order that does not result in blocking their own progress, and the building would complete without intervention, OR, I would not be allowed to place the building in this way at all.

Actual Results:
Construction is halted and then ignored until the player removes the offending terrain.


Note the 1-block gaps behind each pre-defined (mean) bed in this prefab sleeping quarters.

Note how, once I’ve removed one layer of cliff face behind the structure, construction immediately resumes.

See this issue for savegame and logfile. Timestamps available upon request.

Versions and Mods:
Alpha 12, Release 465 (x64)

System Information:
Windows 10 x64


Thanks! Merged it here.

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Exactly as the title says: Am I just too ambitious when it comes to building?

I’m on the newest build (12) although the top left says 2594, I recently updated to 2598 with no change. Builders won’t build the structure. The building is even 1 whole building as well, where as sometimes I’d end with maybe 26 buildings for just 1 (I have a feeling that’s caused by the building tools auto changing to slabs randomly)

So now, I’m stuck. I want to play this game but feel like my building ideas are just too ambitious and I really don’t want to make a small basic town :confused:

Any tips? Suggestions?


Anyone knows the reason the workers refuse to build a building that had been ordered ? I have all the required items and materials needed but all the workers remain idle. It would be nice if the AI can warn the user the reason the building failed or is not being built (insufficient materials …etc…) or probably the building AI is just rough around the edges for now ? The worker build a ladder I designed and stopped working on the other parts of the building.

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Only the staircase was built half way (floating mid-air) and AI simply doesn’t build anymore. I would suggest an inclusion of a “delete” button to remove those building components just in case an ugly build like above does happen.

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Starting this Building is easy for the heartlings … .but when they want to build the tower on floor 2 as you can see on the picture at step 2, they put the “wood construction” inside (step 7 to 8) and cannot go out from there … they are trapped inside the buidling and die as you can see on step 8 and 9.

Save File is here:


If I try to build anything more complicated than 4 walls with a door I get error codes. Its pretty frustrating since building is about the only thing that is interesting right now. I know the content is coming so no worries. But I wish I could just build without issues for now. Even being able to build without MAJOR issues would be nice :slight_smile:

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Hey there @mcawesome! Welcome to the Discourse, and awesome username!

Can you be a little more descriptive on what you cannot build? Do you literally mean that if you do anything more than a floor, 4 walls, a single door, and a roof you get error codes? That should not be the case. If you were simply trying to make a point that there are building issues, please provide some specifics so the devs can get it working.

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