Cannot complete building

When Designing house and then add pixel made building which is conencted to the main building = result? everything will be build, but the floor will move 1 level higher and additionally house will be finished without windows, doors, when deleted(in console) -save game , then you cannot build anything anymore :frowning: , even restarting the game and use same save without the building already .

2 questions
1 is the original foundation/floor one box up?

2 is this game on a console? if so which one.

  1. Yes
  2. cntr+shift+c then delete object.

No console sorry man

ok if the floor is one block up it is how you made the house, and that may be creating the glitch itself. Try embedding the foundation block into the ground that should fix the glitch. @jomaxro and moderators/devs for more input.

Hey there @Xergoos, unfortunately I am having trouble understanding what you are describing. Do you have a screenshot and/or the save file that you can upload here?

Hey, no i made house correctly, but when started to build it(finished editing) it moved 1 step up, Sorry im a little bit chaotic sometimes… Today later on i will try to make some screens if i will be able to make that bug again.

@Xergoos, is your problem similar to this one?

my building wasnt sooo hilarious, but the main issue could be the same when start building floor moved 1 level up.

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