Evenly levelt Buildings

For asthetic reason i linke to build houses in a way that the roomfloor is in the ground, so that the doors are on the ground and not 1 block up. Yesterday i build a tavern and a new mason house and the error console is going crazy, in addition to that the building a gereally build with walls or doors and windows missing.

Steps to reproduce:

With my data, i will append the savegame and the templates.

  1. Download the files
  2. load the given data and start the savegame
  3. try to place the templates and let them be build

Without my data.

  1. open a new game or a savegame
  2. enter the biulding menu, make a room and set the height so that the floor is on the same level as the ground around, then design the rest of the building
  3. save the template, build on version of the template
  4. restart the game and build a second version of the template

Expected Results:
working templates and buildings ^^

Actual Results:
a couple of lua, and other error codes
parts of the building are shown in the buildermenu but never actually build



so at this point should come the files though apperently you cannot upload rar files when you are new in this forum… so you will have to write my a pn

savegame and templates

Version Number and Mods in use:
radiant, stonehearth, northern_alliance, rayyas_children, v1.0

System Information:
64bit, win 7, nvidia gtx 970

Welcome to the forum, @Mr.101Freaking :slightly_smiling_face:

You should be able to upload files now.

  1. Find the save folder for the saves you wish to upload. By default, they are located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_games (assuming a default Steam install).
  2. Zip the folder.
  3. Right click the folder (should be named a long set of numbers).
  4. Left click on Send to in the menu that appears.
  5. Left click on `Compressed (Zipped) folder).
  6. (Optional) Rename the folder to something different than the default set of numbers.
  7. Upload the save.
  8. If the zip is less than 10 MB, you can upload it directly. Either use the upload button or drag and drop it into the compose window,
  9. If larger than 10 MB, upload it to a cloud storage site like Dropbox, Google Drive, File Dropper, etc. and post the sharing link here.