Epic, Gigantic, A14/A15 Saves

got you 2 more saves that I hope help in some way

here is one were they seem to refuse to haul anything unless a vault is nearby. they don’t want to build the house and my blacksmiths que stays the way it is, they refuse to craft anything


and this one I used the console to get some houses up to see if having some build houses will do anything. it seems all work but farming has come to a halt… it they were going any slower they would be going backwards


here is one more that I tried to see how far I could push my computer


I used the debug tools to add some Hearthlings this is with 40 Hearthlings and very little being worked on

no one in crating
they are idle most of the time

even with an 8 core computer with 32 g ram and 12 gb in graphics cards it takes forever and it really lags on 1 times speed :dizzy_face:
if theres anything that you want me to try just poke me=]

im tempted to start a new town and see if I can get anywere with 40 Hearthlings to start :innocent:

I have a save (in peaceful) where I have been messing around designing themed buildings (blacksmith currently) however it has now reached the stage of being unplayable again.

Huge amounts of lag which I suspect is caused by the number of entities (animals) within the 3 pastures.
There are 20 hearthlings with plenty of tasks they could be doing such as mining (several quarries laid out), moving items from chests they no longer store into (all blacksmith related goods should be moved), gathering items off the floor (old floor storage now replaced by chests) however most of them are stood around the chest rows doing nothing.

The save game can be found in the link below for reference, I think I will end up starting again now that I have the blacksmith building laid out and focus on designing other buildings.

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You guys are lucky :smile: i can only get 11 hearthlings until it becomes unplayable.

ok i pin pointed that a processor like intel i-5 can only yield only 13-11 hearthlings before fudging out but if your have an i-7
it should hold up at 15-20 at least.suprising thing from my expriments are that even with these specs it all depense on the ram and type of processor you have.ok i know that does not make sence,let me make it clear that even tho you have a micro processor but with a huge ram you can have 16-17 hearthling without dying out.

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There is very few correlation between the amount of hearthlings and processor power. The amount of objects and tasks are the biggest factor involved.
I play on i3 with 4gb ram and I can reach 20 hearthlings running fine, cause my towns are most of the time small and I have not many tasks.


dude im talking about like city sized Castles

My computer spec:
Windows 7, 64bit, Intel i5-4570 CPU 3,20Ghz, 8GB of RAM and GeForce GTX 760. I was running game on 64bit.

Ok. So… my favourite save actually went crazy. City of Redmoore, 35 People in it, 20 day of Goldmun. And… well.
First of all - I disabled all lights in settings. With it, I could play that far without any lag or with minimal lagging when i was quickly moving my camera from one part of city to another. And it worked well, game was actually playable for a long time. Unlike Alpha 13 or unfinished 14 where after 20 Hearthlings my city could be renamed to ,Lagville".
But not because of performance issues I stopped playing. I decided to share this save, because of two reasons:

-After building 100+ buildings, Hearthlings decided to overthink next buildings and wait with building it day or two. Like, when i decided to build another tower, it started after 3 days in game.

-On day 20 of Goldmun, my Hearthlings became… weak. I divided my guards into 3 divisions. All of them with full plate, helmet, best shield and two-handed sword. Ready to take down everything. But, on that day humanity received a grim reminder - my whole division, three 6-level soldiers died, like in instant. Like if they were fighting without any armor and weapon - giant zombie just obliterated them. After I reloaded game, situation repeated and I don’t know why - before one divison of 3 soldiers was taking down two crypts at once. Without problem. And I don’t know if this is actually bug or implemented monster-power in game :smiley:

So, that’s it. My Redmoore must wait for better times, to be builded again. By the way - great work Radiant team, i really like Stonehearth and I’m looking forward to see what next updates will bring us. :slightly_smiling:

Screenshot of Redmoore:

And link to the save:

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I’ve got an i5 2500K 3.30 ghz, 8 ghz DDR3 and a gtx 580 and i can really play (with all graphics to the minimum) with 25 hearthlings before it become a burdens and they start acting crazy !
I will provide soon a save game of the " LATE GAME " i can’t
handle :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, that doesn’t work…that opens “my” drive (whoever clicks the link…). Try this:

  1. Right click on folder/file you wish to share
  2. Left Click on Share...
  3. Click on Get shareable link
  4. Ensure that is says Anyone with the link can view
  5. Copy the link there and paste it here.
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and it works :smile:


Yep, all good assuming your town’s name is “Vandle Cliff”.

The world is Vandle Cliff, the Town is Raven Loft


Here is a save which I could not load with build 523 or before but I can load it with build 524.

Now I can play it again on my twitch stream :slight_smile:

One of my building projects lagged heavily when I promoted my only trapper to a shepherd. It became normal again when I removed all trapping zones, so I think there must be some performance issues when having trapping zones without an actual trapper. Is this a known issue?

So i have an issue with lagg, but my village is not yet even build or particulary big. Did do allot of terraforming on this island

i’m just using debug tools no other mods. All is running fine but when i order them to start building the outer ring it almost slows down to a hold. Got me a pc with intel core I5 3.20ghz processor with 8 gig of ddr3 memory and a nvidia geforce gtx 650.
When having task manager open my system barely uses cpu or memory, with the game running its using
Must say its using allot off cpu :slightly_smiling:

After i start this build the cpu rises a bit but not so much to explain the lagging

lakeville.zip (6.8 MB)

This is my last kingdom, Burg Eichenstein. It is not very big, but quite dense.

The population is 17 but easy to increase. It is quite stable. Played on peaceful. Everything is built using ground floors and free placed blocks.

It has one main problem. At night it suffers from a strong lag. The speed change is very noticeable at dusk and dawn. It might be a memory leak.
Another bug is that some blocks, although built at different heights they count as if placed at ground level. As far as I know those blocks were never in contact with the ground level. The game set them like that. Use the slice button. They are easy to spot.
One last curiosity. One log of wood ended up under the ground. I have no idea how it got there and never gave any problem. I finally destroyed it with the console but I still have old saves in which they are present.
Actually I still have saves for nearly everyday from the beginning if needed.

Hope it helps.
Have fun, Kyth.


I have same problem @Kythandra. it has to do with the lighting, try turning shadows down, it helps a bit not much

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