Looking for Saves! Perf & Building Issues


Hey everyone! We’re still fixing bugs over here, and the fastest way to hammer at performance and building issues is to test against saves that are currently having trouble. We realize that many of you may have gotten used to these issues, but if you’re having any saves that can reproduce either hearthling idleness or building issues, please send the our way!

As motivation, we’ve fixed all the reproducible issues on every single save you’ve sent us so far, so we’ve got a very high success rate going here. Be kind to future you and send us a perf or building save now! :smiley:

[REQUEST] Priority System and Building Removal

Yup! I’ve got one right here for you. It’s a lighthouse tower that’s impossible to build. This should be it
Roquefort Lighthouse Template.rar (37.5 KB)

If this template doesn’t work, it’s also on the workshop xD


Ask and ye shall receive. :slight_smile:

1537227735647.7z (2.5 MB)

Fresh save, latest build branch. Designed in-save, not using a template.


Thanks both! Adding @not_owen_wilson to take a look. :slight_smile:


Hey, I found another save with an issue (completely forgot about this)

Basically, if you look at the pyramids at the front, to the right you see what is supposed to be a small waterfall, ending up int he circle lake surrounding the middle pyramid.

When I place a wetstone (or several) to make the waterfal work, the game freaks out and just goes to a grinding 5 fps.

Though, there is a problem. My save file is too big to upload here xD
Is there another way for me to send it to you?


You can upload it to Google Drive, DropBox, or such, and post a share link.


Good call, here’s a link

Basically, the .rar file was .4mb too large to upload here xD



Hey there! :merry: I’ve just found a set of errors today.

I recreated it in this save so there are no mods: 1537389109409.rar (2.9 MB)

I dare you to doubleclick the middle section of the tower and pull to make the room shorter :jubilant: Then click undo.

Enjoy :3


Hi. Atm getting roughly 12-20 fps and blacksmith, carpenter and mason are stuck in building. Can’t load anything yet so here’s a link to google drive.



Thanks for the savefile!

I think they just lack crafting ingredients (wood, stone). They can get out of the building on their own. You seem to have a full inventory so try to destroy or sell excess items, it might help with the processing.

There are a couple buildings that miss items you can’t have yet (you don’t have an Engineer nor a Geomancer) and one of them needs a frostsnap planter in order to proceed.

I can see the 20fps, but despite that it feels fluid, I don’t see hitches :thinking:

I’ve bumped your user level so you should be able to upload files in the future (10MB or less per file).
Your savefile seems good for debugging performance. There are many unreachable enemies in it, plus the 30 hearthlings all thinking at the same time.


Do you guys have a need for saves with dense cities and a high amount of hearthlings for optimisation testing?
Like… I probably have enough of those…


We’re looking more for savefiles that show performance issues, like noticeable lag, idle hearthlings, etc.
Some cities will perform well even with many hearthlings, although it also depends on the computer rig :confused:

Also savefiles with any building issues or errors.

We took a look at your savefile with the pyramids (pretty cool, btw). The lake has hundreds of regions, which shouldn’t produce such lag, but not sure yet how much can we do without compromising the stability of the water system. :thinking:



But I’ll keep looking around for any parculier happenings, but I’m pretty sure that if I have lag on a save, everyone else will barely be able to load it xD


Thanks guys! :slight_smile: And for the items I added “infinite_inventory” : false in the user_settings.


It’s also an options in your setting btw


We added the warnings for a reason! :stuck_out_tongue:


Quick question, I have a save here where I get attacked by a red kiln band about 4 times a day (so warriors, healers, ogres and archers in each attack), is that supposed to happen, did I do something stupid or is that quite odd and should I post a save here?


Can’t tell without taking a look at the campaign browser :thinking:

I think it’s either one of the epic_4 raids or the purple gong. Do you see a camp with a bunch of orcs, kobolds, etc anywhere?

The raids from that gong are every 14-16hours :confused:
Do you have any other gongs placed?


I currently have the gongs placed, yes, but aside of that I did already defeat the red kiln. In the image below I have the current campaign setting for the orc_war, if that’s of any help.

But if what you’re saying is true, and I should get raided every 14-16 hours… then why do I get raided 4 times a day?

Forgot to add this, but there are no camps except for a few of those skull firepits with thieves around them, but those aren’t an issue here