Looking for Saves! Perf & Building Issues


If it can be reproduced in your savefile then yes, upload it.


I think I just fixed it, probably it was the gongs that each triggered a seperate attack each day, often even at the same time. Removing them seems to have stopped the attacks. If you’d like, I can provide a safe with the gongs still there, but those also have two mods, but I doubt those have any influence on it


I’d still like to take a look at the savefile just in case :thinking:


Alright, here’s a link to the drive where you can get the save.


I just noticed you guys rolled out an opdate in which you limited the render distance of lights and I can actually play my city in night above 20fps! :smiley:

You guys have no clue how happy this makes me xD

Now that I look at it, I think it was my game bugging out as now it’s back to all the lights again at every distance xD


The maximum lights setting in the graphics menu has been around forever, and it will cause the game to only render the closest lights up to the specified number. For lit af cities, lowering that (and shadow count) should give a significant FPS boost.


Ohhhh, I probably should have done this sooner xD



You guys still looking for saves? I may have something that’s starting to get a bit annoying when building larger builds


Yes, please share the savefile. Not sure how much can be done but perhaps we find something new.

What kind of issue are you having? Lag? Idleness?


It’s in regards to lag. Lately I’ve been doing rather big builds, to the point where I have to break up the build in different templates to prevent it from lagging (freezing if anything) everytime I try to place a block.
And the recolour tool is the worst of all xD

Within this save, I use a rather large amount of mods, I can give a list of the mods I use, though I don’t think I’ve made anything with the mods yet, and I know this also tends to happen in unmodded games…

So, do you want the save with the mods?


Yes, we can find them in the workshop and load the savefile with them if needed (the game will show us the list of mods).

Were you actively using a modded biome or faction in that savefile? Did you use modded items in that large building? (just to estimate which mods are really needed in order to load the savefile).


I am using a sort of modded biome (I suppose that’s the best way to describe it xD). It’s the skylands mod made by Bruno, though that changes the generation of the vanilla biomes… So technically I’m playing a vanilla biome that’s been modded… I guess? xD
As for the build, currently only vanilla items and blocks

Anyways, in the link below I’ve send the latest save I have. You’ll notice that I broke up the build I’m doing into several different segments already, and (if you look at it from the front) I am working on a wing on the right, though I know the front segment as well tends to lag severely xD


It’s the rar labelled ‘Havarti.rar’


So, I have two buildings that I could only build with IB. For some reason there was something invisible where I wanted to build that prevented me from building there. But I was building a huge city wall so I couldn’t just move it. There are two buildings like that in this file. They are bright red (but built) in the city builder.



I’m getting CTD (crash to desktop) right after i click an icon from the UI.
Last thing i was doing was mining gold.
Using only ACE and ds_template from Steam Workshop.
Was also getting huge lag on opening UI element after some hours of play. (i think mainly because enemies couldn’t reach me, but may be related to playing with Water)