Jomaxro - Can you tell me where I stand here?

I recently started building this -

I have had 30+ hearthlings in previous games that didn’t chug as bad as it is now but this build is about 300% bigger than anything I’ve tried yet. And it is chugging Horribly with 18 hearthlings currently.

Attaching my dxdiag, hoping you’ll take a look -

DxDiag.txt (82.6 KB)

Thanks in advance!


@MickDodge, there is no way my computer can handle that if your’s is already struggling…also, unless I am missing something what exactly do you want me to look at? Did you mean to upload a save as well? The DxDiag shows your PC specs, which are certainly above the minimum requirements…

I didn’t know if you might have some insight into expected performance levels at my pc’s level so to speak. Sounds like I have my answer though. Too bad… but hey I can’t wait until we can build something like this! And to imagine this is the INNER city walls Ha! Dream big baby, dream big!


@MickDodge I think you can guess that any performance issues you’re having have nothing to do with how many hearthlings you have – rather, it’s all about your absolutely massive construction project!

How many hearthlings are building? You’d probably have better performance results tackling something like this in more bite-sized pieces. Also, patterned floors (which it seems you have) are more “expensive” in terms of performance than more monochromatic ones. How many floors is the wall structure?

(But also: WOW. Looks absolutely spectacular.)


Do you have a save of this you can post, please? No guarantees anything this big will ever build without some significant CPU behind it, but there are definitely many things that still need to be optimized for building, so it might be useful to have this as a forcing function for future optimization work…


Right! Ok, so what save would you like or would you like both? I can get you the pre-built save (build hasn’t started but the design minus the walls is there) Can you figure out the trick to placing walls :wink:). I also have the save you see in the screen shot OR I can get you a save with 1st floor built with most walls built but the hearthlings stopped building.

Whatever you need let me know. I also have the template saved in the following bug post-

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My next course of action is going to be to start over and only saving 25% of the original and just adding another quarter of the building at a time, switching to non-patterned stones/bricks/tiles. I’ll let you know how that goes!

Also do I zip the entire save folder or just the .json?

I know part of the problem with that is the scaffolding causing performance issue, It happens on my builds too when my hearths go scaff crazy. I would download ur save just too see this, then started destroying scaffolding, as i went on the performance would start getting better. The other issue is too many hearthlings working on the project. Lastly be careful at night with lights and shadows as the lag will be massive


So zipping the entire save folder results in a file still too big. Would you like me to send all files separately zipped?

Thanks for the tidbits, I didn’t realize the amount of hearthlings working on a project resulted in poorer performance. Any suggestions on how to remove workers from the build task without trying to start another building or changing jobs?

just use google drive to upload the save

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you can use the therapist UI (hotkey C) to change what individual hearthlings can and cannot do

hope that helps :slight_smile:

well u could start over, and do it like @brad and @not_owen_wilson said and do it in small bits. Another way if you dont want to start over is take less hearth off the project, and let them set or haul things around.

if your afraid that doing it in Bits, you will lose track of the style of the build u can always add a marker of the floor design. just step back x1 square, use the floor slab as ur marker. make sure it doesnt touch ur build then start designing sections

Ok here is the save where they have stopped building walls. I started building the 2nd floor hoping that the pause/build/new addition would kick start them but this is when the intolerable chug started.

More coming-

Blueprint save -


So Michael, since it is truly a circle (in a voxel sense), I tried to place just a quarter of the circle floor plan and due to its size it has a hard time finding a spot it will allow placement. I know it should totally fit but since I don’t know what the original position of the quarter circle is I can’t rotate appropriately. It’s a guessing game at best unless I clear EVERYTHING in the general area of the original pre-built map location. Which I am doing now lol…

Perfect! Thanks 8Bit!

okay try this, take ur design place it somewhere close but not in ur work space, use it as a reference. Then design and build each section on the main build. when all said and done erase ur reference.

or just set the floor, then use individual walls as ur wall placement and design each section and build as you go along

@MickDodge - to share a save (yes, they are big files… you should see my settlement that has run for a full hearthing year!) you can send us a Google Drive link, Dropbox, or something similar.


Thanks Brad, can you take a look at the above links and verify they are functioning and the files are there?