Building in sections

Continuing the discussion from Jomaxro - Can you tell me where I stand here?:

So @brad gave me an idea… Currently if you, in any way, have adjacent blocks in your blueprint, whether a brand new design or you have started and paused for editing your design, it will be considered 1 building. This is a true statement even if in the blueprint design phase you had 2 separate buildings you were designing and accidently connected them, building #2 is now considered building #1. Even if you have started the building process then returned to the build tab to design a separate building and place an adjacent block between the 2 buildings, there is a merge of buildings.

What if you could dictate the building was a separate entity no matter where I decide to build it… on top of another building, on top of slabs, walls, floors, etc.

This way the user would truly be free to design his entire kingdom as his hearthlings built one manageable building after another…

Side note - the option to merge buildings after completion would also be nice, this way you could join 2 halves of a hallway, 2 sections of a building, stairs to the building, etc.


OR… What if you were able to remove sections of wall after using the wall grow tool? For instance -

If I want to build a circular building but do to size limitations, I would need to build in sections. However, building a semi or quarter circle building, after using the wall grow tool, 2 ends now will have ‘ends’ effectively cutting my building into halves or 1/4’s.

Having the ability to remove an entire section of a wall would allow for larger building ideas. Imagine building a large castle wall, do you want a small little double door for an entrance… remove the side you want your gate/drawbridge whatever and now you can build it manually but you are still able to use the wall grow tool for the other 3 sides!

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