Suggestions regarding buildings

Let us designate zones for the scaffolding instead of making them automatic. This would allow us to make more complex buildings without using the million ladder solution. It would also allow us to build walls against a cliff side.

With roads and flooring, would it be possible to make different patterned floor or road tiles merge together into one object. As it is now, if I make a large plaza using the two road tiles to create a design, they appear as separate structures, even if all built at the same time. The same goes for the slab building blocks. If you try to make a pattern in a slab wall, it will more often than not be built in the wrong order, causing holes in the structure.

Also, glad to hear that multistory buildings are getting some love in alpha 10. I’ve pretty much stopped playing until I can make more elaborate buildings. Using the slab building block looks pretty drab.


The only time buildings really appear as separate structures is when they are not connected to the same build. At points if you’re building to things close you can connect the 2 with slabs then erase the slabs and it will usually be considered as the same build.

The build tool is getting a major change making it more powerful. As it stands now with the slab tool they only miss area’s if they cannot reach it, I’ve noticed they work by height. So if one bit isn’t the same high as the rest they will refuse to build anything else till you’ve corrected the high issue. So if you’re seeing holes there’s probably a part that’s not the correct hight.

Also I’m more than looking forward to Alpha 10! That’s when I’ll majorly step up my buildings!

Hope this helped in some way! :wink: