(R-271 (x64)) Exterior Slabs Prevent Wall Completion

(Also happens in other versions of Alpha 10. Bug occurs in vanilla, though I usually play with Zulser conveyor belt mod.)

Summary: I have a 3-story building that I like to use as an all-in-one-only-building-you-need type of building. When I build just the building, everything works fine. After the building finishes, I can manually build slabs that “wrap around” the building to the upper story doors. However, when I add those slabs to the building BEFORE it’s built, there are a lot of inconsistencies.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Design a building (I have only tested multi-story buildings, but I suspect it could happen with single-story buildings).
  2. Make sure that as part of your design, there are slabs, outside the walls, that touch the walls. At least one of the slabs must touch the walls above the ground level (for best visual results, have the slab intersect the wall about halfway up).
  3. Tell your workers to build the building.

Expected Results:
Workers build the building per design specifications.

Actual Results:
Workers will complete some of the building. Specifically, they won’t construct any walls directly above the point where the slabs meet the exterior wall.

Notes: I have found two ways to work around this, though I shouldn’t have to.

  1. Build the slabs at least two units away from the building (except where they are on the same level as the slabs of the upper stories).
  2. Design two buildings (the building itself, and the stairs).
    A third way that only kind of works: Since I don’t have any slabs on the top floor (they exist to get you to the top floor), if you manually build ladders where needed (they will build up from the slab), you can complete all the walls on the top floor, at which point your workers will build the roof. However, getting them to finish all the lower-story walls (and thus, “finish” the building and remove scaffolding) is kind of a pain.
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hmm… i believe i also read this elsewhere, that you had to add the slabs after it finished being built, kinda a pain…

I get this weird feeling it’s something simular to this.

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It’s a similar bug, I didn’t see that thread at first. Slight difference, though: I don’t think I get errors (I’ll have to retry it), but I know they finish building most of the building, they don’t just stop.

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