Can't build slabs ontop of finished buildings

I had built the first level of a tower using slabs and free standing walls. But, when I tried to design the second story of the tower, the game would not allow me to place more slabs or free standing walls on top.

That has been case for a while, but there is a tedious work around for going about doing so.

You would first have to make a pillar of slabs up to point in which you want the slabs. That is from the ground that you “can” place them, then place the intended slab. After that you most like will have to add a floor of slabs above that before being able to put walls of either kind. It will most likely have to be the floor tool replacing a layer of slabs you did for floor if you want to do the auto-wall, however free standing walls that will do from get go after putting a floor of slabs.

That is unfortunately the only way. Possibly is all you are doing is the wall tool, then just an outline so the free standing wall could sit on it. Have not tested the latter part, but know the former part works for me; at least in A16. Have yet to get to building in A17; which I know I am going to in a moment. :slight_smile:

Note: that bug or what ever you’d call it has been around for a while. can’t add to already built structures directly, but indirectly like described; you can to an extent.

Ah, that’s too bad. I didn’t realize this was an issue since I don’t normally build in this way. Thanks for the response!