Slabs not joining with free standing walls

Slabs do not form into single entity when placed against a free standing wall

Steps to reproduce:

  1. build free standing wall
  2. change to slab tool and place slab next to free standing wall column

Expected Results: slabs should still be part of same building entity

Actual Results: new building entity is created



Version Number and Mods in use: 3023 no mods
System Information:


You need to place it on the block to the side of the slab, otherwise the engine thinks it’s a new building.

if you attach anything to a building and you place it (where you physically click not where the block is) underneath the building it won’t attach and will be it’s own building.

Try building a column down from an overhang, each slab in the column will be seen as a new building to the engine.

Of course there’s a work around. Naiive builders, however, will have problems with this and it will cause confusion. If you place a similar block on the side of a built up wall it doesn’t express the same behavior. Obviously from the screenshot you can’t see that my cursor was aiming for the side of the column not underneath.

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