Slab is classified as a floor instead of a wall

So I have been trying to experiment and learn how to use the custom building mechanic in the game. When I click on the slabs tab, it classifies it as a floor instead of a wall, this allows me to build it up like a wall would, but it does not react with other objects like a wall. For example I can not place doors, windows, or roofs on them to finish up the structure. Please fix this soon.

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This isn’t actually a bug, We’ve never been able to place doors and windows using the slab tool, There is a awesome tutorial on how to add doors and windows to slab structures, Which can be found here:

I think its a planned feature, (Don’t hold me to that :stuck_out_tongue: ) But as far as I’m aware its never been possible, You’ve always got the grow wall tool though when making normal buildings. As for roofs, at this point you’d also need to draw them up yourself on slab structures.

Hope that helped :slight_smile:

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Doors are already placeable like any objects now so they are easy enough to build into slab structures. Maybe we will see the same for windows in the future.

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I think I may have miss read this, Sorry, I think I understand what he’s saying now, Which means my last comment won’t be of help (Sorry) In this case it probably is a bug :stuck_out_tongue:

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