Windows & Doors on slab walls

Could u please enable to put Windows and Doors on walls that are manually constructed. When I want to build house that has different shapes and colour mixing I can’t put doors and windows on them, only think I can do is to make a hole in the wall and pretend there’s a Window and add some wooden slabs to make it like open window. I think it would be cool when u could have unique walls that u made and be able to put Windows and Doors into them. :wink: Only think that came into my mind about this, is to make some mods that have these walls already created.

Thank u for respond. :wink:

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What I do is just leaving a hole in the wall just big enough for the window and than I teleport the windows in the holes using the console. First you place the windows on the floor or against the wall, ones they placed it you can than teleport it into the holes you made.

I hope I’ve helped you a bit, Joas

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A few updates ago, you could add slabs behind the hole in a slab wall, use those blocks to place a window in front of them [fitting in the hole], and then remove those blocks.

I don’t know if it still works, but it’s worth a shot.

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does it work if you leave a hole in the wall and place the door manually the way you would with the tunnel doors? (not from the building editor)

i’ve seen the option to place wooden doors this way but haven’t tried it


Yeah it works thanks 4 that info buddy. :wink: :smiley:

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