Door and Window placement options

Hey so I have an idea that I think would be nice to incorporate into the game.

Make the doors and windows manually place able. I’m not saying get rid of the
auto door/windows thing. I love that and it makes life easy sometimes knowing
you don’t have to place them all the time when they are made. But it would be nice
if they had the same re-putdown/destroy button that other objects have. It would also
be nice if we could have doors be free standing, kind of like gates. That way if I built
something in slabs instead of walls, I could make the door hole and then manual place it


Absolutely in agreement with this. The models might need to get tweaked a little to be flush at the edges with gaps in the dirt/rock or slabs you’re attempting to put it on (or in, for structures), in order to avoid gaps between the frame and whatever “wall” surrounds it. I think having that would really open up some possibilities particularly with the slab tool for custom building and construction.

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I too would like this to happen. As it stands now, you can only place windows on already built slabs as their back. So if you want a cool wall with lattice windows, you have to build this behind it. Only if you then ‘destroy’ the backing, it takes the windows you built with it because they’re part of it.

<img src="//" width=“690”

I tricked one window into staying because I killed the build and they hadn’t built the window yet, but that’s hardly a solution.

Imagine how pretty it’d be! I need pretty! My Herbalist needs her garden of peace an tranquility beneath the branches of this tree… and there may be a goblin camp right behind it. =( Don’t let my herbalist be eaten by goblins. :cry: :wink: