Free placing doors and windows

It would mean the world to me if you developers allowed players to place doors and windows freely in your structures without needing to use the per-built walls to stick them to. I need the feature for a number of my building as they are not simple square structures and the auto roofing system dose not work on them. Because the auto roofing system dose not allow me to build my roofs i must do it by hand and the space between the top of a wall and the crown of a roof doesn’t allow me to place windows in them, leaving them as empty space that i can only slap a wall-lantern on and wish it didn’t look so unused.

I hope this picture help illustrate what i mean. The building made this way leaves a little too much unused space that id love to fill with a window or two, but because a wall wont fit there i cant.


You can also find doors and windows in the furniture menu they may be in the building editor’s Decorations menu instead of the Furniture one, I don’t remember and place them against blocks.

To place a door or window in a freely-placed block wall, you have to erase space for it, add blocks behind that hole, and then place the door or window in the right spot, against one of these temporary blocks. Then, delete the temporary blocks. It’s a workaround, but it works. It definitely isn’t convenient.

I was arguing it’s already possible earlier, but I’ve realized the workaround is actually really annoying.

Being able to add doors and windows to hand-built walls directly would be perfect. Failing that, doors and windows ought to be placed on top of blocks instead of beside blocks like they are now. That should be completely possible for Radiant to change right now, and I wouldn’t mind carving my own holes as long as I don’t have to mess with the temporary blocks.


This, oh so much this.

I’ve had some fun building lattices on the sides of walls; but when I try to construct a free-standing lattice (e.g. as a privacy screen for a garden), I can only do the bottom layer and then it requires a wall behind it. I tried building a temporary wall behind my lattice and then deleting that wall when the windowframes were all in place; but that resulted in the whole thing being torn down again. That said, I haven’t tried placing windows against a “planned” wall, and then removing said wall from the plans before building…

The weird part is that windows can be placed on open ground just fine; but not on constructed walls. In fact, when you place them on open ground you can even rotate them. It would make more sense to me if windows worked like other ground items unless you’re placing them into a wall using the building editor; and even then there should be an option in the editor to place them like a ground item (e.g. if you wanted to make a builder’s house with a stockpile of building materials near it, or use them as structural elements e.g. making shelves or bookcases out of windowframes.)

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I 1000% agree. I’m working on a castle, and I have to build all of the walls by individual voxel to get the look I want. I could leave holes for the windows, but that looks terrible. And no castle would be safe if it didn’t have doors. So yeah this feature would be amazing

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I didn’t know that was an option. Thanks for the advice. But how do you remove the temporary blocks required for placing said door/window against without destroying the entire build? Wont destroying any block attached to a building also destroy the rest or the structure??

Just some advice, you can place doors and window w/o prebuilt walls. It does require slab blocks to do it, just build the walls u want by slab and cut a hole for the door and windows. Now with windows, to place them since u cant just set them in the hole, it requires a slab behind the hole first them set window then erase the slab, so that part doesnt get built

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