Suggestions of the last 14 days! (10.06.2016 - 10.20.2016)

Hello everyone,

Some days ago I started a thread where I pointed out, that the community does give little feedback to suggestions made by players. This is especially sad, when someone puts alot of effort into making a suggestion, which results in disencouraging players to make suggestions in the future. @jomaxro suggested there that we could have a thread to summarize the suggestions of the last 14 weeks and pin it on the top. And since I would like to see if this does help, I decided to do the first summary thread. In case this does help with community feedback on suggestions, I hope we find someone ambitious and reliable to do this in the future, since I will probably not have the time to do it every 2 weeks. :slight_smile:

Now following is an experimantal poll. The idea is, that you can show which suggestions you found most promising/interesting and if enough people participate, maybe (just MAYBE!) we can work something like a monthly suggestion highlight out. This would mean that once or twice a month, a small video gets uploaded with in-depth opinions from team radiant about the suggestions with most votes from the poll. But let me be clear: This is just an idea from myself. There is currently no plan from team radiants side to actually really do a monthly suggestion highlight! Still, it would be great if you participate to show interest in this! You can vote for a maximum of 5 suggestion for now.

##About which suggestions you would like to see and hear more about from team radiant?
(multiple answers allowed: up to 5)

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  • Suggestion 2
  • Suggestion 3
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Suggestions of the last 14 days:

1. Item placement/slab overlapping

Summary: Suggests that fences can overlap with other structures like walls, so that you can build a good looking fence without gap between the fence and the wall. THis surely could apply for other items as well besodes fences.

Link to Suggestion

Item placement/slab overlapping

2. Nightlife, now in colour: adding coloured light and all the cool stuff to go with it

Summary: (1) A glazier that creates glas out of sand. He can also use existing lanterns and create coloored onces, which emit colored light. (2) New recipes for the engineer. Can build arc/spotlight to light huge areas, which is handy for the night. (3) Isn’t meant as a gamechanger, but for people who like to be creative and enjoy a coloured atmosphere.

Link to Suggestion

Nightlife, now in colour: adding coloured light and all the cool stuff to go with it

3. Customise/Randomise building material pattern

Summary: Op doesn’t like the repeated textures on building materials and wishes for options to get some randomized patterns, which in turn makes the look of his city more authentic.

Link to Suggestion

Customise/Randomise building material pattern

4. About blacksmith

Summary: Suggests that you get 2 bronze ingots when using 1 copper ingot and 1 tin ingot.

Link to Suggestion

About blacksmith

5. Free placing doors and windows

Summary: Because the buildings from the OP are kinda complex, he has to build certain walls by hand. Problem is, you can’t place windows/doors on hand-build walls. OP wants to be able to do exactly that.

Link to Suggestion

Free placing doors and windows

6. Curency merchant

Summary: OP points out that selling stuff to reduce the maximum number of items is countered by the fact that selling stuff creates basket of gold (can hold 1,000 gold each), which in turn takes space from your town inventory again. OP suggests basket of platinum (can hold 10,000 gold each) and basket of diamond (can hold 100,000 gold each) to reduce inventory space taken my baskets of gold.

Link to Suggestion

Curency merchant

7. Building finish notification

Summary: When a building is finished, the game should notify you about that.

Link to Suggestion

Building finish notification

8. Could we have religion?

Summary: He wants to see religion in the game as a real feature. Depending on the religion you or your hearthlings choose, it could effect your hearthling in various ways (like the cleric cast damaging spells when he dedicates himself to a god of battle).

Link to Suggestion

Could we have religion?

9. It’s time for some Acheievements!

Summary: OP wants to have steam achievements for Stonehearth.

Link to Suggestion

It's time for some Acheievements!

10. Changing the ascendancy banners

Summary: OP wants specific colours for all the different races. Rayya=red, Northmen=blue, Ascendency=green

Link to Suggestion

Changing the ascendancy banners

11. More Difficulty Modes

Summary: OP think he gets attacked to often. OP wants 3 or maybe 4 difficulties, which especially influence the number of attacks per day. Easy=an attack every few days; normal=an attack every day; hard=multiple attacks per day; master= multiple harder attacks per day.

Link to Suggestion

More Difficulty Modes

12. Guard Patrol Routes

Summary: OP suggest being able to create patrol routes for your military units.

[details=Link to Suggestion]Guard Patrol Routes

A suggestion that goes in line with the idea of having more control of guards is here:

Stonehearth Discourse

13. Training Trapper/Sheppard Pets

Summary: Trapper pets should be trainable, so that they are able to help with certain things, like fighting or hauling items for the trapper. Also sheppard pets like pigs could be trainable, so that they dig stuff up from time to time.

Link to Suggestion

Training Trapper/Sheppard Pets

14. Let’s Talk Exploration

Summary: Points out that the exploration part from SH didn’t receive alot of attention in the past. He points out 3 problems with the current state of exploration in the game. He then suggests the node system from the kickstarter video from SH, which could eliminate the problems to some degree and goes into details how this system could be implemented and how it would help team radiant. A very much liked topic already.

Link to Suggestion

Let's Talk Exploration

15. Less Frequent Raids / Attacks

Summary: Another thread about the frequency of small attacks from enemies. OP thinks that he gets attacked to often, which disturbs his gameplay.

Link to Suggestion

Less Frequent Raids / Attacks

16. Unexpected Pathfinding with Desert Lodge

Summary: OP found a small problem with the new desert lodge. Team radiant already answered to that topic will eventually fix it.

Link to Suggestion

Unexpected Pathfinding with Desert Lodge

17. Looking Forward: Adventurers, Quests & Dungeons

Summary: Feedback to Stephanie Dees video “Looking forward”. OP suggests adventures, quests and dungeons and explains how he think it could work in the game.

Link to Suggestion

Looking Forward: Adventurers, Quests & Dungeons

18. Exciting new Job for late game: The Adventurer!

Summary: OP suggests and entire new class. The adventurer can take on adventures on the map or outside of the map. If he doesn’t have an outside adventure assigned, he automatically goes for quests on the map. There are multiple difficulties for the quests and you get rewarded with stuff (food, materials, equipment) and you have a chance for something very rare (only obtainable through adventurers).

Link to Suggestion

Exciting new Job for late game: The Adventurer!

19. Hard mode tweak. More health for footmen

Summary: OP suggests that footmen have more health in hardmode, since they die way to fast.

Link to Suggestion

Hard mode tweak. More health for footmen

20. Ladders as building parts

Summary: OP suggests, that ladders can be a part of buildings. and not just be a part of the building process.

Link to Suggestion

Ladders as building parts

21. Is it possable to

Summary: OP wants a list that shows the equipment of all military units. He says he has trouble keeping track of the equipment of all his units, since he has 16 of them.

Link to Suggestion

Is it possable to


My template annoyance is a bug so you can remove that :slight_smile:


Ok, I removed it. :slight_smile:


Instead of having a group of suggestions from a period of time, why not get the suggestion in a period of “alphas”?
Like “suggestions for alpha 19”.

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@BrunoSupremo the idea was that this topic would be “rotated out” every 2 weeks, showcasing the most recent suggestions in a short, easy to digest view so users can pick and choose which to read more of/comment on. Doing it by Alpha would mean a summary every ~6 weeks, which would make for a very long topic.


Thanks for making this @AaronD it’s a great contribution to the community.


oh wow some of those are from some of my posts ive been included

I now added an experimental poll. The idea is, that you can show which suggestions you found most promising/interesting and if enough people participate, maybe (just MAYBE!) we can work something like a monthly suggestion highlight out. This would mean that once or twice a month, a small video gets uploaded with in-depth opinions from team radiant about the suggestions with most votes from the poll. But let me be clear: This is just an idea from myself. There is currently no plan from team radiants side to actually really do a monthly suggestion highlight! Still, it would be great if you participate to show interest in this! You can vote for a maximum of 5 suggestions for now.


Personally, none of these really check any boxes for me. I’d love another category for “something else”, where we can just signal that we have different interests than what’s being presented (in this way, we can keep track of community attention beyond just the people who want the suggested ideas).

One feature I would love to see (and I’ll mock this up in another post if I need to, especially for formal submission) is the ability to use a modifier key (ctrl, shift) to be able to drag vertically when specifying selection areas with the mining tool or when building. Very simply, rather than click and drag always being on the x/y axis, I would like it to switch to the z axis instead. Single column vertical lines would be super helpful for someone like me who constructs buildings with vertical struts, which currently have to be placed voxel by voxel.



I’d just like to point out mine is #12, please vote for it lol.

its probably your own responsibility that there is a suggestion that you can support.

2 and a ½ of my half assed ideas got on the list.

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Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with anything on the list, I’m just not dying to see any of them implemented. I’m sure that if it was my baby up there being voted on, I would crusade for it too, but none of the things that people have brought up recently actually bother me when I play. What I suggested is something I would like to see on the list, and as I already mentioned, I’m willing to make a thread for it if need be - this clearly has been a feature not in the game for a while now, and I’ve been playing for more than a few alphas.

If and when I feel like I want this to be a feature, and it seems like a relevant time to suggest it, I may very well do so - until then, I was adding my commentary on having an additional choice to vote for “I see what’s happening, I’m an active community member, but I don’t particularly care about these problems”, because as the poll is currently designed, if I don’t care about what’s happening then it looks like I never saw the page, something that inaccurately reflects the feelings of the community.


Personally i really have no clue what i can use a “finished” building notification for either. and seems as utter waste of time to me. Since personally i think i should always have the possibility to put a house back in to full build mode…but that’s my opinion…

And if you cant find support for free placement for walls and windows :stuck_out_tongue: i dont think you will ever support any ideas !
(personally i find these dumb as well since radiant knows that we want that, just like vertical build space )

Would i love vertical working space of course! but nobody made the suggestion in this very first version first attempt of this community feedback list :stuck_out_tongue:

And if we go from a democratic process not voting is your loss…and likely only a very very small fraction of stonehearth players even make it to the forum so they never saw the page either…and i dunno maybe its just me but giving an option to remain neutral kinda makes this idea a failure in my mind…more feedback was the idea!

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mines the last one lol i feel lovedand according to the poll almost half of the voters agree that mine would be useful (mines number 20 on the poll since one got removed (op forgot to remove one from the actual list

For the record if i win this on my 4 line suggestion you will never hear the end of my tiny suggestions !

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Suggestions are not always about things that bother people. Suggestions can also enhance the gameplay experience or bring a new element in it. For example, I suggested the new class “adventurer” (suggestion 18 btw. :stuck_out_tongue:) . I don’t think anyone who is playing right now thinks “Oh, this game REALLY needs the adventurer class badly”, but maybe some think “Oh, having the adventurer class sounds like fun and it would give the game more depth/lore”. It’s not needed, but maybe it still fits in the game perfectly.

So if you read the suggestions, you shouldn’t think “Does that really bother me right now when playing the game”. You rather should think “Is this a good suggestion? Would it fit into the game? Would it enhance the game in any way?”. Many of the suggestion above would indeed enhance the game (like having more control over you guard patrol routes for example) and therefore people should support it (by voting or bumping the threads).


Hrm. of all those I like #10 and #7 and #5 the best.

I haven’t fired up an alpha in a few months but overall the things I’d like to see most are:

  1. auto pause on notification of any kind (so I can go afk more easily during building projects)

  2. more emergent or randomized content. Start putting in things that will separate particular forts you build from other forts you build using the same templates. For example, have the game save keyframes of significant combats (death of soldiers, death of big enemies) and then if your stonemason makes a “statue” have it randomly be a statue of one or the other of those saved event keyframes. Add more random likes and dislikes for personality quirks (maybe one hearthling likes statues of dead orcs?). Add more and more varied kinds of random events, not just combats (weather, etc.)

  3. Combat needs a knockout state. Takes so long to level up soldiers and then they just go poof instantly. Let them get knocked out, need to be carried back to a bed, and then healed, etc.

  4. Combat also needs a little more tactical depth. Right now it’s just too point and click spammy for my taste. I’d like a little more of a RTS type model – weapon variations that mean something tactically and aren’t just 'higher level == better than," formations, etc. For example, if maces and hammers had “knockback,” spears had longer weapon reach, and swords did higher damage, you’d get a bunch of interesting interactions and tactical choices.


Just going to quickly add here that @Brackhar (Richard) said just this on a stream a few weeks ago. No ETA when when or even if it will happen, but at least one dev is thinking about it.


i support your number 1 for what its worth…that would be nice.