Exciting new Job for late game: The Adventurer!

Hello everyone,

I would like to see the adventurer as a new class. Here it comes (TL;DR version at bottom):

Adventurer - What is his function in the hearthling community?

The adventurer, like the names suggests, takes on adventures. His job is to travel far away lands and bring new things to your little town. At the beginning, when your adventurer is still level 0, he can only go to very easy adventures. Of course, those will not bear big rewards. But when time passes and the adventurer has earned alot of experience through doing easy adventures, he will be able to go on harder missions, which yield bigger rewards for you. I think a class like this makes sense, since the hearthling world is huge and has different biomes (dessert, green lands, forests, mountains, underground areas etc.) and monsters (undeads, goblins, orcs etc.) and therefore also dungeons (orc ancampments, unholy shrines etc.) and other exploreable areas which contain alot of good stuff your adventurer could bring home.

So how do I get an adventurer?

It is a late game class. And it needs alot of preparation to get an adventurer. The adventurer needs to be very flexible and therefore needs alot of experience before he can call himself an adventurer. It would be the first class that needs experience from 2 combat classes. He had to be lvl 2 knight and lvl 2 archer. After he has reached that, the option to promote to adventurer opens up. So this would be the first class that requires multiple high level jobs being learned in order to be able to promote the hearthling to adventurer, which makes it a late game class. He will take both: the knight shield and the archer bow when being promoted to adventurer. A combination of other classes would also be possible, but I think Knight+Archer makes sense.
An additional idea (thanks to @TMS_Stoneaxe) is, that this class especially fits to the northern alliance, since these are used to fight and explore. I would suggest that they have access to the adventurer much sooner then the other folks, since they should be more about fighting and exploring right from the start.

Ok, so I have an adventurer now. How do I use him?

Quite simple. Once you have him, you can open up the adventurer window. In this window you can choose between easy, mediocre and hard adventurers. Ofc mediocre and hard adventures will only unlock at later levels. At lvl 0 you can only choose easy ones. At lvl 3 you can choose mediocre and at lvl 6 you can go on hard ones. Ok, so the first thing you do is choose the difficulty of the mission. After you have chosen that, it will list 3 randomly chosen missions. There could be a pool of 12 missions for every difficulty (so 36 in total) and only 3 will be available per difficulty. After a day, the 3 available missions will change automatically. If you have multiple adventurers, they will have different missions each, because they are randomly chosen per adventurer. If you click on an adventure and press accept, your hearthling will wander to the boarder of the map (randomly chosen where he exits the map) and leave the map for a certain amount of time. The adventurer is able to climb walls in order to get to the exit location, so that the player doesnt have to build dozens of ladders to let the adventurer exit the map.
An additional idea (thanks to @TMS_Stoneaxe) is, that the adventurer can do some lite adventures while he is exploring your worldmap. This would happen if your adventurer is not on a mission. I suggest that he will only find common stuff (food, material etc.) when doing so. The good stuff should only be obtained through real missions.

What kind of missions are available and what do I get for doing missions?

Ok. So in order to get some information about the mission, you have to click on the mission. A small text will describe what your hearthling will do, like going to a far away land and conquer a dungeon filled with the undead. The mission will also provide information about the reward. For example:

Mission difficulty: Easy
Mission type: a text that describes the mission. It’s only there for lore reasons
Time Required: 1/2 day
Reward: Equipment
Special: Small chance for a rare piece of equipment

Mission difficulty: Mediocre
Mission type: a text that describes the mission. It’s only there for lore reasons
Time Required: 1 day
Reward: Equipment
Special: High chance for a rare piece of equipment

Mission difficulty: Hard
Mission type: a text that describes the mission. It’s only there for lore reasons
Time Required: 2 days
Reward: Equipment
Special: High chance for a very rare piece of equipment

Equipment in this case is only an example. Other rewards can be food with a chance for exotic food (example: from children of rayya), materials with a chance for rare materials (for example: gold bars) and many more things you can think of.

Why do I suggest this class?

I think this class would give the game a little bit more lore because the mission texts can give you some hints of other biomes and dungeons and therefore the world will feel like there’s alot of going on, even outside of your small world and this goes perfectly in line with the invasion of goblins and orcs and undeads and getting exotic seeds from other countries. It makes the world feel even bigger and more alive. And it could also provide rewards you can only get through the adventurer. For example: Your adventurer finds a super rare weapon and after you have found it once, your blacksmith can make a blueprint out of it and craft it himself. But he will never be able to craft it without the adventurers help. The same could work for new exotic seeds or materials you can neither find at rayyas children nor at the other guys (dont know their name right now, haha). This would give the adventurer a really big responsibility, since you can only get your hands on some of the stuff only through adventures, making your hearthlings even more diverse and stronger with all the new stuff.

TL;DR version

  • New job: adventurer
  • You can promote hearthling to adventurer if he has knight and archer lvl 2 (first class that needs 2 jobs learned to be able to promote)
  • You can open adventurer menu, pick a difficulty (lvl 0 = easy missions; lvl 3 = mediocre missions; lvl 6 = hard missions) and then you can pick one out of three missions (which missions are available is random)
  • When the missions starts, adventurer will leave the map (he walks to the boarder of the map, but exit location is randomly chosen)
  • After a few days, adventurer will return from the mission and will have rewards. Rewards can be food, materials, equipment etc. and every mission has a chance for rare or very rare stuff which can only be obtained through the adventurer. If he finds an exotic rare crop, the farmer then can use this to produce more. If you find a rare sword, your blacksmith will create a blueprint and will be able to smith the sword.
  • The idea is, that each mission gets some lore text and will make the game feel more alive and the adventurer has a real purpose for your city and your hearthlings, because he finds new stuff from other places

I hope you like the suggestion!



Added TL;DR version at the bottom. I guess it has to much text :stuck_out_tongue:

sounds interesting and i also feel he should explore the map and find stuff on your map so he can either go on a out of area adventure quest and the explore the map considering eventually they are adding dungeons and actual stuff to find on your map and such

he also seems like a good idea for the northern alliance considering they are explorers who can’t farm very well for food and instead explore and hunt for their resources

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I’ve read the whole thing and I love the idea. It makes me think of the Hero in Travian (browser-game). I always thought the Hero was the best addition to that game.

I hope we will find something like this in the game! :smiley:

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Really good suggestions imo. I think the adventurer should automatically explore your world map and find common stuff when he has nothing else to do and start his mission once you give him one.

About the northmen alliance you are right. Maybe northmen could have access to the adventurer much sooner (more like a starter class), because they are used to fight and explore. :slight_smile:

Also added these ideas to the starter post ^^

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