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Alright, so I’m new to this kind of scene and I wanted to try something new for once. I love the game so much (not even gonna try to be discreet here or something) and I just feel that I can contribute to the game even for just a little. I don’t really know if my suggestion will get recognized or be implemented in the game, but it’s worth a try. Hope to see more updates and more awesome content for the game, wishing this game a huge success! Oh and one more thing, this was just something that I came up a few minutes ago, so please go easy on me. Thank you! Here goes nothing…

King and Hero/Champion class

  • leader of the hearthlings
  • increases or decreases morale of hearthlings depending on the situation and action
  • fully customizable (hair, clothes, weapon, armor, name, stats, etc.)
  • levels up just like the hearthlings
  • customizable skill path/stat development
  • more “detailed” control over this hearthling
  • goes on quests and brings a party (if you have hearthlings to spare)
  • makes decisions for the town/settlement if left alone (decision making depends on how the player develops the hero/king/champion)
  • can be Benevolent, Tyrant, or Neutral (i know that not all of us wants to play the good guy)
  • can tame a pet that can be trained to help the character as a mount or an attacker
  • wisdom affects hero/king’s ai; body affects their strength, defense, and attack; spirit affects their morale, charisma, determination, will, etc.
  • only difference between King and Hero/Champion class is that the King stays in the settlement/town to manage the economy, resources, development, and progress of the town/settlement, will also defend the town/settlement if under attack; while the Hero/Champion class is more of a mobile hearthling that goes on quests and brings back fame and fortune.
  • for now, the King or Hero class can be gained by making a King’s Crown or a Hero’s Cape and requires either a high level archer, high level knight, high level cleric, or a high level footman… (still working on this)

So… you want an RPG, basically?

The point was not really to turn this game into an RPG but to suggest an idea for a class.

I’ve been suggesting a Cheiftan/Royal member of your hearthlings for quite some time.
But I don’t think there should be that many rpg elements to it.
Once other cities/tribes are established within your world it would be cool if you had the possibility of
making the king/queen/cheiftan class so that you would unlock some kind of trade and diplomacy.
Also if then that unit were to die you’d lose the game. That would give you a nice incentive to build a massive castle once that becomes possible. :wink:

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At first I was thinking the same way as you, but then all these ideas just came gushing out of my head. Yeah, I know that my thoughts might have been affected by the type of games that I mostly play, and i know that it’s better to leave the RPG elements at a minimum so that the game can still be the unique game that I (we) love to play, and I agree with you. But it was worth a try :slight_smile:

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Keep suggesting it!
I would love to see that type of class in the game. But adding so much rpg functionality to one class seems a bit too excessive. We’d have at least 2 alphas just for that and in the end it does not offer enough content to be justified I think.
So keep it simple for now. If it ended up being something the community really wants then it will be added or made as a mod in the future! :slight_smile:


I love rpgs as well, but there is a place for character customisation and progression, and i do not belive that place is overfall. You are not a rpg king contolling the empire, but more of the collective intelligence of a pile of random dumb people combined^^

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I love RPGs to bits also, I just actually wanted to customize even just one hearthling with regards with their face, hair, and stats. But I do know that, this idea wouldn’t fit in properly within the game and might even destroy its uniqueness. Thanks for the feedback though, I appreciate it! :smiley:

Yeah, keeping my hopes up for that type of class to be implemented in game. And thanks for the feedback, I was actually thinking that my concept was a little too far-fetched and didn’t actually fit in perfectly with the game. And yeah, I guess you’re right, simplicity is what makes this game what it is.Thanks again! :smiley:

Requests to add separate leader class appears on this forum from time to time. It
seems that people just want to have leaders. Personally I don’t like this idea.

One of the things I like in Stonehearth is that so far hearthlings created egalitarian
society where everyone were equal to each other and every hearthling has his job to do. Adding feudal social structure to this game would ruin this experience to me. I just think that any kind of leisure class don’t fit in this game.

Also I don’t see how your proposals would work in this game. I don’t understand how
he/she would be able to “make decisions” and “manage economy, developmant and
progress” since he/she is just a hearthling managed by a player. Moreover as others already pointed out, this profession looks like taken from some MMO RPG game.

While I don’t think that having a “leader” type hearthling is a bad idea, I do believe that having a separate class for it is meh.

In my opinion there should not be a new class, but instead, we could have the ability to appoint a specific hearthling of any class to be the leader, and he/she while retaining the abilities of his/her current class, would also be granted the abilities associated with this so called leader class.

For example, a knight appointed as leader would still be a knight, doing knight things and stuff, while also being a leader which doesn’t necessarily would have to come with added bonuses, it could also be just fluff.

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Maybe a hearthling that achieves level 6 on a knight, Archer, or cleric can be upgraded to a hero class?

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This is still no rpg…