Classes and jobs

For starters I have read a few suggestions on this forum, and have used some of those ideas in this topic, Thank you for reading this.

While playing the game I have felt that this game is really well made, I love the current play and feel of it. I know that more is planned for the game, geomancers and what not, but here are a few suggestions that I feel have been left out.

The fact that there really is no magic in the game currently is a little sad to me.
I think there should be a scribe job class, and a Wizard combat class.

Edit: Scribe Class

The scribe class would allow for the creation of books.
These books would have varying effects.

Some Examples of books would be.
Books that will increase the happiness of hearthlings.
Books that give other crafters new recipies, these would include but are not limited to the following.
Lunch box - this would be crafted by the blacksmith, it is a place able item that would allow hearthlings to sit and eat rather than walking all the way back to the base to eat food.
Backpacks - For the weaver, these would allow for hearthlings to carry additional items, however it would be limited to certain items, such as (ore, resources, wood, stone, other gather-able materials).
Weapons, and armor racks - these could be crafted by the carpenter or the blacksmith, allowing for weapons and armor to be stored, they would also be used for looks to make a more garrison look.
Weapon and armor stands - these can be crafted by the carpenter, you would choose what weapons and armor could be stored on them, as a display type item.
Wagons - For the Carpenter, These could be hand drawn, or horse/oxen pulled, this cart would allow for the placement of a storage item (stone chest, large wooden create, vault) if no item is placed their it would default to a specific storage amount.
This would also allow the mason to make stones from rocks, and then the carpenter to make staves with the stones setting them, making powerful wizard items which would allow the wizard to cast more spells before needing rest.
The mason and carpenter could also make bookshelves as well so books could be stored.
There are more ideas, but i don’t wish to make this thread too terribly long.

There will also be other books which can be crafted.
The Cleric book - will be moved here.
The scribe would also craft mage books of various types (these would allow for the upgrading from scribe class to mage class. (there are four mage books in total, each giving different types of skills.)
Combat effective books (these books would give the warrior new skills (charge, Shouts, whirlwind, and other various skills depending on the book crafted)
there would be books for the archer, and cleric classes to allow for different skills to be used as well.

The last type of book that the scribe class would be able to craft would be.
Language books: These books would allow for you to Talk with, and reason with the other races, goblins, orcs, Kobalds, and all other semi-intelligent species in the world of stonehearth. learning how to talk with them would allow you to recruit them, and either make them slaves, or make them part of your city, both of which offer there own benefits, for instance kobald archers make stronger archers, where as orcs have a higher hp pool, and make great tank soldiers.
This would also open up new trade routs, as you could now trade with goblins instead of just giving them items or killing them.

Wizard Class
My next class idea, the wizard (Combat Class).
Who would need a basic spellbook to become a wizard.
This would gain him a basic spell for fighting.
He would gain skills from holding better spellbooks
From Leveling up he would gain the Multi color mage feat, allowing him to hold more than one spellbook (Ex. Fire spellbook, and ice spellbook at the same time.)
His drawback would be that he must sleep after casting so many spells, so he would take a while to level up, for instance he would get (X) spells per day (like the DND system) and when he is finished he would have to go back to rest, otherwise he would just hit people with his staff, not having any ability (energy/mana basically) left to cast spells

New items.
The archer also needs a nerf to early game dmg, where as he deals a massive amount of dmg from afar right now, i think this should be kept, however i believe he needs more Quivers. He should need to get arrows like fire, serrated, poison, etc.
Take away alot of the dmg given by the bow, and then this would allow for him to deal less damage at the start of the game, and give him about the same output at max level without loosing anything. this would nerf the early rush for archers.
The list is pretty endless, altho it would be more for late game.

Recurve bows, longbows, and short bows, crossbows, along with bolts and maybe difference between bolts and arrows?
For instance bolts pierce armor, where arrows can fly farther? Arrows deal more dmg to unarmored, or lightly armored? Just a small thought, this could be crafted by a high level carpenter with recipes given from the scribe class.

Edit: I would also like to see expansion on the “fine” crafting, would be cool to see a “masterwork” crafted Greatswords or something like that, maybe make the originals a little lower in strength but allow for these items to have a high quality crafted version that is just a chance, because after i craft 3-4 Greatswords i don’t really need my Blacksmith anymore and it feels a little sad, where as if i could make masterwork items, or legendary items i feel like i wouldn’t mind making 100 or 1000 Greatswords, giving me a new reason to keep looking for ore, to keep building and expanding. this would also keep this profession from becoming stagnate.

(Still working on more ideas,once again, leave me a comment if you think i could add something to make any of my ideas more reasonable, or better in any way.

Thank you for your time (i edited it to be a little easier to read) added more information


I like it. If I may tack on to your idea…

How about instead of, Scribe, they are called, Scholars? And their job is to research, which requires a library. Books can be found throughout the land, in dungeons or from mobs to add to the library and open up new areas of study. The intern can scribe books for the other classes/professions. Or, maybe the Scholar is an upgrade to the Scribe?


Thats actually a pretty good idea, altho i do like the actual usses of the scribe class.

it allows for books to be crafted, which i think is a huge bonus to the game, and would give you more to look forward to end game.


I agree. Maybe the Scholar does the research and the Scribe makes the books from the research?

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I feel that the clerk is overpowered as is but i like your idea of getting him better books, perhaps instead of just giving off the buff auras normally he needs a specific buff to apply that buff to people?


I do like that idea, wow I’m glad I made this thread, yeah that was the whole thought behind it, it would make your people weaker that the early game, and you could really feel the changes late game with the addition of the books, because im sure that having all these books would be really fun in pvp :slight_smile: and if they make the enemies any harder, or possibly like dragons later this would be a really nice addition.

I feel like this could be usefull to have both now and in future game play :slight_smile:

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Well it could work like the archer’s quivers, maybe like vestments or the like with a toggle for what aura or effect is happening instead of just boom boom super powered cleric.

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Plus it would give your cleric more supporting diversity, because theyou could hold a healing aura book, or they could have a book for reviving someone, or something like that, Idk, but I would really like to see this implemented, it could change the way a lot of things are done, and give more options to a single class, and since you cannot control which book they will hold you have to make sure you build a book you want, and have multiple clerics, where as right now I can win the game with one or 2

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I love the Scribe class idea. Since Rayya’s Children are based on eastern culture, the Middle East’s historical arts were mainly calligraphy. Poems and religious scripture were used to decorate walls, instead of the typical statues and paintings often seen in ancient European artwork. I think the Scribe would fit very nicely! Especially if they can make Art too!

You can find more like this here.

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Well that was part of the idea, making books and scripts that will boost happinessand other such points as well, that’s why I suggested it ^^ I’m happy that it’s getting a lot of feedback ^^ maybe they will take a look at it and think about it if it gets enough hype

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Might be worth looking at this as a mod idea instead of a built into the game idea.

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I think short term it might be good as a mod, but I think it would add some key elements to the game :slight_smile:

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All these ideas are great. But we have to think of the capacity of hearthlings, and the time it takes to add a new hearthling. Because ot this it would take way too long to have the jobs too specified, and better to have jobs with multible uses.
Thx for reading :smile:

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I do agree, it’s beer to have jobs with multiple uses, that’s why I think this class would do great, because he could be something for more of an endgame with limite use in early, currently the cleric is overpowered, this would limit that at the start if the game, and boost it back up at end game, I believe that would be an over all quality improvement, as well as making the game a little more based on havING multiple types of people, I can beat the game really easily, I know thats not the only reason to play.