Adding to the Suggestion Box

Recently bought the game and am addicted. Just thought I’d add some of the things that I think I would like to see in the game. So, in no particular order, here goes:

Additional classes with progressions:

  1. Fisherman (actually use the bodies of water and find raw fish for more recipes)
  2. Priests (use high constitution to ward off enemies, can be a quest to either promote good or evil morale)
  3. Land/ sea pirates (opposite priests, steal from enemies but work similarly to footmen units)
  4. Researcher (to develop new buildings, recipes, herbs, etc., for instance can be used to discover new herbs and herbs cannot be harvested before they are researched)
  5. Architect (to get more buffs for building and discover new blueprints for building)
  6. Gardener (plot land to set up gardens for plants and bushes)
  7. Scholar (can teach skills to hearthlings, give them buffs for a cost)
  8. Second tier worker classes: forester (cuts down trees), handyling (assists building, not as effective as an architect), gatherer (collects plants and berries), miner (mine)


  1. Ability to move buildings, farms, objects, etc. to another location without deleting it from the world
  2. Various colours for building materials (brighter colours, especially for roofs and walls)
  3. Allow pets to ward off or fight against enemies
  4. Option for hearthlings to automatically act without being told
  5. Ability to move more than one object at a time (eg plants)
  6. Fence building similar to plot placing
  7. Separate window for custom building instead of building in main window with current game (can be a little pop out)
  8. Ability to help hearthlings to build (by being able to place objects in or near build for ease and swift builds)
  9. Option to be either hearthlings (good) or goblins (bad)
  10. More animals (cows, birds, fish)
  11. Mounts like carts or buggies (set one down near berry bush or plants further away, items can be stacked on and transported to village, basically a transportable barrel)
  12. Ability to fill land with water, create a well, or fill water with land
  13. Road tool (much nicer than building roads in editor, feels smoother and ease of access)
  14. Progression bar over builds
  15. Side bar that shows what crafters are currently making and length of time to make
  16. Larger plain lands with mines on outskirts and few lakes in between (to make aesthetic farming easier and have more room to build)
  17. Larger maps
  18. At least one rival and allies generated when map loads and stay there permanently, can be an option to decide how many the player wants (rivals increase difficulty, more raids, but more uncommon loot if raided or defeated, allies can help with resources and defense)
  19. A tutorial that keeps the player on track for what they should be building at that time, more user friendly and not time limited (I barely read the first set of instructions because it went away so fast, should be able to click for next instead of it just disappearing and never coming back)
  20. Should have hints/ tips/ tricks/ tutorial/ help option available
  21. Traders seem very random and always come at bad times, also out of nowhere. It’d be nice if they were from allied villages and could develop a relationship (once market stall is made, perhaps villager moves into your village)
  22. Temporary hearthlings from around the world that come to visit, more likely to visit and bring treasure with higher morale
  23. Bar that lists current actions you want done (harvest, mine, etc) to give an idea of what priorities are being done first (hearthlings paths do justice, but priority is the next step, being able to adjust and see what gets done first would be a nice touch)
  24. More buildings (just the first few default ones get boring quick, and I don’t always want to spend time to customize my own building)
  25. Relationships between hearthlings and homes for families or group of workers that have same occupation
  26. Customize the hearthlings appearance (skin, eyes, hair, etc)

All I could think of now, I know many people have stated the same requests but hey, if we all want it, maybe it’ll actually get put in! Now back to my hearthlings I go.


Alot of thes are on the road map, some prob will not make it but i know the fisherman idea, is making it some how, mod maybe buahahahaha

never gonna happen on a buildings, farms. but objects can be moved

will happen, just give them time. cant wait there are some mods with them

has been mentioned by devs, it hunter pets’

is slowly being implemented now

not gonna happen, to op, and ur hearthling have to move the obj. is a game about them

is happen, the devs even want to do this, other stuff has taken priority already though

this is a nice suggestion, LIKE IT

its a game about hearthling, wont happen, but u will see maybe a boost when the architect comes to play

devs said goblins, will never be playable, but mods will make it happen in the future.

they are coming, and cafe mod brings in cows if u want one in the game

officially dont know, but check out some mods for carts

water is on the backburner for now, will happen, as water will become a resource for the hearthlings. Also look at cafe mod again for wells

its int eh building editor, but the building editor is getting a ui rebuild soon. different thread might want to suggest it there


kinda here already, ie goblins, look for them to update sooner or later, Also rabbit clan will pop in will be allies

will probably happen down the road

same as above

being slowly implemented with traits, probably wont see families

kinda happening, but there is a mod, for this already

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