Some stuff I think that should be added

Even though there are a few bugs to remove there are still great ideas for stuff to add. First of all we need water and your hearthlings should also need water to not die, so like lakes and oceans. This crosses over into the second thing that I think should be added and that is larger worlds and biomes, so this means that the starting area is like a mainland and then there are beaches at the edge of it and then we have oceans at the beaches that can be used to sail to islands and such. This also crosses over into another thing which is vehicles such as ships where your hearthlings can sail and carriages that are pulled by horses and your hearthlings can ride in these and use vehicles to transport resources. And this leads into more animals like horses and stuff depending on where they are for example you can find a turtle or a crab on a beach or a bird in the sky and so on. And back to the vehicles thing it’s obvious that not all hearthlings will know how to ride or sail so why not make a new class branch, where you need a riding crop crafted by the carpenter and then if you give this to a hearthling then they become a driver and can drive carriages if a horse or 2 are connected, and the more that the hearthling levels up the faster they drive. Then there is the sailor class which is in a different branch and to promote a hearthling to a sailor you simply give them a sailor’s cap. Then the sailor can be leveled up for a faster speed when sailing. Then the sailor can be promoted to a captain by giving them a captain’s hat and they can use sailors on a ship to make it much faster for the ship to sail because what is a captain without his or her crew. And a tailor class to be added to the game which can craft hats and equipment simply for the look of it since if you have a well built colony with citizens then let them wear fashionable rags instead of the standard ones. If you think that these are good ideas then reply, and even leave an idea of your own.

Well they just added water in the newest untested build!

Also please in the future use paragraphs! The wall of text is hard to read!

They just stated in the most recent live steam that boats are not high on the list as this is a city building game and there are more important things that they can be working on (Wouldn’t mind them myself!)

Wouldn’t mind a horse and carriage for transporting items and such!


I’ll keep that in mind.