Moar suggestions!

1.Farmers need water to water their plants
2. Have Fishermen on the lake
3. Have beautiful fish in the lake that we can see
4. Have sea monster in the lake xD
5. Have battleship
6. Have birds flying in the sky
7. Have dragon
8. Have Griffon that we can pat for attack dragon in the future
9. Have weather system. Four weather season. Every weather has their own effect too
10. Have defense tower maybe?
11. Have a lot more food merchant to come over
12. Allow us to build big/especial statue(When we has achieve something special, or had been survive how manu days like that
13. The weapons, I think every kind of weapon must have their own special abilities, if not I think every player will just aiming for the highest damage weapon only and likely to ignore the others
14. Have wolves as our ally :smile:
15. The background music are really good , I really like it, but can we have more? (Because is too good and I want moer!! )XD
16. Wine maybe? (That is also has their own effect if drink it, not just getting dizzy of course haha)
17. Allow us to choose Hearthlings hair style while the game has embark in the game
18. HOT…AIR… BALLOONS!!! For Hearthlings to scout or attack enemies on the air! :smiley:
That is all I can think of at the moment, hope it will bring some good use haha :slight_smile:

1: I would say yes to this point but then you would need way too many farmers to tend to your crops
2/3: fishing is widely suggested. im not sure if its on the 'to do ’ list or not
9: I beleave this one is something that is going to be added
10: a watch tower would be a nice idea but that would to better till after the archers and possibly mages are added
11: too many food merchants would take away form the need to farm and cook
13: an ‘enchanter’ would be a neat idea… might be better once more powerful monsters are added
14: wolves as an ally, hard to say. depends on how it would be added

not a bad list of suggestions thought

@Mikihiko_Yoshi_Kenne welcome to the discourse, mind you im probably beating jomaxro and 8BitCrab to that line :grin:


1: Irrigation was planned a long time ago, there’s a concept art of pipes somewhere.
2:At one point Tom wanted to have fishing in as something for idle Hearthlings to do and not as a class; I don’t know if that would go deep enough for #3 and #4.
5: I’d love to see boats, but they’re pretty complicated to add.

7: One of the Kickstarter rewards was a baby dragon; I don’t know if there are plans for a full sized one.

9: Seasons - and festivals to match - are planned.
10: Ranged combat is supposed to come in the next big combat update.

15: I’m sure more music’s coming eventually, especially once there are more seasons.
16: Beverages and brewing were definitely planned. There is [last time I checked, it may be gone now] a storage filter option for drinks, and brewmaster was on the planned class tree back during the Kickstarter era.


these the ones you’re talking about?


Yes it is! Sorry I forget that they had mentioned earlier! XD

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Oh boy… and if there was even own ship editor! You could make ships of your own designs.
Also, a statue editor where you can build your own statue from all kinds of hard material (rock, metal, maybe even wood) and decroate it with cloth, hides and leather. More expensive materials it takes, the better morale bonus it gives to hearthlings.
Yes, probably won’t happen when the game launches, but who knows? It development goes way too well and team is just like… “You know what this game needs? BOATS AND STATUES, LET’S DO DIZ”


Wolves as allies: the wording in-game at the moment suggests this is coming, “Untamed Wolf”…

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this game needs a fridge. doesn’t make sense to keep food in crates! transportation? which means we need a horse tamer. and the healer needs an upgrade to priest so it can be added to a patrol group. a designated “tank” class maybe. basically i want to be able to make a 5man group to lay waste to the world, world of warcraft style.

what is the editor of the picture ?

Well that was what you did before the fridge was invented, though ice cellars would be a nice adition for meat and such.

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Qubicle Constructor by Mindesk

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